How do you test for Millipore?

How do you test for Millipore?

How do you test for Millipore? The Millipore test standard is a process that requires a special setup of products designed to be operated together to determine the compounds being searched for. Millipore is not it’s own classification of compound. It is the name of the company that created the filtration filter that was commonly used in the purposely built equipment to find the existence of a chemical compound in a part or parts of a more complex machine or mechanical equipment, for the purpose of cleaning that compound from the parts or equipment.

The parts for creating the Millipore testing equipment typically include:
• vacuum pump
• vacuum funnel
• filtering funnel
• spray gun and filter pads
• chemicals
• laboratory oven
• stainless steel collection pan
• pressure vessel
• desiccator
• filter forceps
• microscope
• microscope slides for particle counting
• fume hood

Millipore testing involves the gathering of particles that are suspended in a liquid and applied to a filter. The filter is dried to allow for weighing and analysis. Millipore testing is utilized in various industries, including automotive and pharmaceuticals. Millipore testing measures the amount of solid and non-soluble contaminant particles on machine parts.  Often times, the test results are expressed by the number and size of particles collected or by gravimetric analysis following extraction.

Ecolink chemists are available to consult with to explain the process required in using the above parts to efficiently and expertly apply the Millipore test and find the chemical compound in your parts that you are seeking.

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If you are seeking expert advice and details on how to test for Millipore or apply the Millipore test to determine the chemical compounds in the parts of machinery, contact Ecolink here and one of our resident experts will happily guide you through the process and recommend the suitable chemical to assist you in your project.