Eco Friendly Options to Replace NPB Bromide

An abundant source of information has recently come out about the negative and serious side effects of using n-Propyl Bromide, or n-PB. Recently, The New York Times published an eye-opening piece describing how hazardous the NPB Bromide chemical agent is to the environment and to people exposed to, and coming into contact with, the chemical compound – which can lead to fatality. The publication also took umbrage with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Organization), which is a federal regulatory agency that is usually known for its strict guidelines and serious penalties for businesses that negligently place their workers in harms way. According to the article, OSHA has been perplexingly ineffective and irresolute in eliminating, even reducing the use of NPB Bromide, especially when the word is out about the dire effects of long term exposure to the chemical compound.

Whatever the reason for the inability of OSHA to prevent, or even significantly reduce the use of NPB Bromide, the fact remains that the word is out, and industrial organizations that claim ignorance to understanding the negative effects of this chemical agent is no longer an excuse. Fortunately, eco friendly options to NPB Bromide exist, and these eco friendly options are industrial strength, and have proven to be as reliable, if not more reliable, than n-Propyl Bromide. Any industrial business can make the change to a green alternative parts cleaning solvent, and still receive the same, likely better outcome cleaned and degreased finished product. The following statement is fact: There are eco friendly options to NPB Bromide that clean and degrease parts, metals, and materials better than the former cleaning agent could ever hope to.

An excellent source of information for transitioning to a better and more eco friendly part cleaning solution is Ecolink. Ecolink knows that the use of NPB Bromide must be stopped, and their professionals can help you discover eco friendly options to NPB Bromide that will clean and degrease any part, metal or material you have.