DTD 406B Deicing Fluid for Beechcraft, Bonanza aircrafts

(Commonly known as TKS™ Fluid Kilfrost put the ‘K’ in TKS™)


Are you an owner, pilot or enthusiast? Do you have a TKS™ ice protection systems or “weeping wings”?Ecolink1

DTD 406B aircraft in-flight ice protection fluid protects YOU and YOUR Beechcraft, Bonanza from in-flight freezing by distributing ice protection fluids through porous metal structures that form the leading edge of the wings and rear horizontal and vertical stabilizers. Effectively remove ice from engine inlet, cowl, flight controls, antennas, wing, tail, propeller, rudder, windshield and everything in the propwash area and behind the weeping panels. Designed for use according to (POH) in TKS™, the TKS™ deicing fluid meets DTD-406B standards and is made from an ethylene glycol based formula. It is also recommended for removing hoar frost, light snow/ice and frozen deposits from parked aircrafts. Available in small (2.5 or 5-gal) and big (55 and 275 gal packaging) and ships same day, year round!


·Meets AL-5 DTD 406B, NATO S-745

·Excellent in-flight ice protection capability with freezing point below –76°F (-60°C)

·Works for de-icing and anti-icing (curative and preventive for icing)

·Easy to use: designed for use in cold concentrate form (undiluted as supplied)

·Fluid runback provides total airframe ice protection

·Controlled viscosity for dispensing at varied temperatures



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Always in stock (over 1,100 gallon daily inventory) we ship same day as small as 2.5 gallons jugs up to 275-gallon totes. We deliver within 1-3 business days to anywhere in continental United States.



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Performance Promise

Since 1987, TKS™ ice protection system have been available and proving itself in service for the Beech Bonanza 33, 36, and S-35 through V-35B aircraft. Other Beechcraft models with TKS™ anti ice systems include: A36TC, B36TC, F33A, G36, Baron B/C/D/E55 and 58, Bonanza 35 series, and Debonair C33. The 7-gallon capacity yields an endurance of 3 hours. Flight into known icing (FIKI) are available for the Bonanza A36 and G36 from approved installation companies: Aerospace Systems and Technologies (AS&T), CAV Aerospace Inc. (CAV) and Flight Ice Inc. DTD 406B anti-icer is compatible with all TKS™ systems. Other aircrafts with certified TKS™ ice protection systems in service with years of proven results applying DTD 406B deicing fluid include:

Aero Commander Columbia Douglas Piper
Adam Aircraft Commander Hawker Quest Kodiak
Cessna De Havilland Mooney Raytheon Aircraft Corp
Cirrus Design SR22 Diamond Pilatus Socata Trinidad


Hassle-Free Promise

We promise no hassles, ever:

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  • Backorder? We maintain over 1,100 gallons in stock at all times
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* Due to DOT regulations, ground shipping only is available.

TKS™ de-ice systems are more popular than ever, but finding refills for your airplane’s TKS™ system has become surprisingly challenging. While available from a few online resellers, some FBOs (mostly at larger airports) and service centers, why pay retail prices or wait for product delivery? Save time and money by buying direct from the manufacturer without any middlemen (or women).

Quality Promise

Physical Property

Typical Value

Appearance & Odor Clear colorless to light amber with mild odor
Specific Gravity 1.09 – 1.12
Flash Point, COC 129°F (54°C)
pH 6.0 – 9.0
Solubility In Water Not applicable
Auto Ignition temperature > 752°F (400°C), Estimated
Kinematic viscosity 6.2mm2/s at 104°F (40°C)
Conductivity < 10 microho/cm
Shelf life 36 months


  • Every batch is quality control measured for viscosity, freezing point, and pH value.
  • Prior to packaging, DTD 406B deicing fluid is filtered down to 0.5 micron to prevent debris blocking the laser drilled titanium leading edges.

Safety and Handling Precautions Treat this chemical with respect and follow all normal precautions for industrial chemicals. Safety glasses or splash goggles are recommended. Before use review the MSDS and observe warning label on containers. Wash hands after use. Keep container closed and out of reach of children.