Drying Agents: Their Benefits for Commercial Painting Projects

Most of us have heard the expression that something is as “boring as watching paint dry.” While no one seems to be officially credited with creating this popular simile, it seems to have been created at a time when commercial painting projects didn’t benefit from the application of drying agents (a.k.a. desiccants) that can significantly reduce the time it takes for paint to dry.

Today, high-quality drying agents hold several benefits for companies and private contractors that perform commercial painting projects. Whether you manage a large painting company or work as a contractor who only uses the services of a few employees, applying specially formulated desiccants to paint before applying it to surfaces can offer at least four benefits.

Quicker Turnaround Times
Increasing the rate at which paint dries can help you achieve quicker turnaround times for painting projects. Without the use of desiccants, painters must wait for paint to dry to assess whether it evenly covers painted surfaces. Consequently, even small painting projects often take two days: one day to apply paint and another day to assess results. When paint is made to dry fast enough, paint application and quality assessment can be performed on the same day.

Increase in Painting Projects
In the long run, achieving quicker turnaround times can help you take on more painting projects. If you routinely perform a quality assessment at least one day after paint is applied, it isn’t unfeasible that finishing projects and performing quality assessments on the same day would allow you to take on an additional painting project each month. If you are looking for painting technologies that help you perform more work in a given period of time, try our drying agents.

Reduced Use of Supplies
When the paint on a surface is wet, it often reflects light in a different manner than dry paint. In fact, the paint may even seem to be a different color. This phenomenon can make it hard to judge how much paint should be applied, and thus increases the likelihood of over applying it, especially if an area needs to be finished in one pass. Adding drying agents to paint helps painters quickly assess how much paint should be applied by observing how it looks when dry.

Improved Bottom Line
By helping them achieve quicker turnaround times, take on more painting projects, and potentially reduce the amount of supplies used, adding drying agents to paint can help the service provider improve its bottom line by reducing annual operating costs and increasing revenue. While it would be disingenuous to claim that desiccants can improve the provider’s bottom line outright, using the products properly can indeed have a positive financial impact.

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If you are in the painting business, and you are interested in using desiccants to decrease the time it takes paint to dry, Ecolink can provide you with a readymade product or a custom product that meets your needs. Our drying agents can also be used for small residential painting jobs, but they tend to have the greatest impact on large, deadline driven commercial projects that would take much longer to complete were it not for the intermixing of desiccants with paint.

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