denatured alcohol vs ethanol

Denatured Alcohol VS Ethanol

What is the difference between Denatured Alcohol VS Ethanol for oil extraction? Both denatured alcohol and ethanol are commonly used chemical solvents, however, while ethanol is a great option for oil extraction, denatured alcohol should not be used for oil extraction. Denatured alcohol serves many purposes including as an industrial cleaning agent, a fuel additive, and even in pest extermination solutions. The reason denatured alcohol should not be used in oil extraction is due to it’s toxic nature. Denatured alcohol is toxic if consumed and should not be used to extract oils, especially if they will be used for food or personal care. 

Can ethanol be used for oil extraction? When looking at Denatured Alcohol vs Ethanol, ethanol is the clear winner for oil extraction. Not only does ethanol produce a maximum oil yield, but it is also safe to use when extracting oil for food products and personal care items. For these reasons, ethanol is a preferred solvent for extraction.

Choosing Denatured Alcohol VS Ethanol

  • Bulk Availability – When you shop with ecolink, both denatured alcohol and ethanol are offered in bulk quantities. This includes 5 gallon buckets and 55 gallon drums. This way you will always have enough of the solvents you need for an affordable price.
  • Uses – Denatured alcohol should never be used for consumable or topical products due to its high toxicity levels, but is a great industrial cleaner, degreaser, and solvnet! Ethanol is a very versatile solvent that is perfectly safe for extraction processes. Ethanol is also used as a fuel additive and in the production of products like varnishes, perfumes, and hand sanitizer.
  • Expert Advice – When searching for  the right chemicals for your needs, you will want to speak with a professional. When you work with Ecolink, a chemical expert will work with you to understand your needs and find the safest, best suited chemicals to get the job done. 

Need To Find A Reliable Chemical Supplier?

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