Degreasers for Parts Cleaners: An Option for Degreaser Recycling

It seems like almost anything can be recycled these days: tires, gasoline, motor oil, cotton fibers, degreaser, and the list goes on. If there’s one item in the list that many people don’t think of as recyclable, it’s degreaser, much less a specific class of degreasers, such as degreasers for parts cleaners.

Tank and Open Air

Among industrial users, degreasers fall into two general categories: degreasers that are applied in open air and degreasers used in parts washers. Both types of degreasers can be recycled, but the recycling process for each is markedly different.

A waste removal company removes spent open air degreaser from the waste trap. After degreaser is removed from the trap, it may or may not be recycled. As eco-friendliness goes, the best users can do is choose a waste removal company whose platform includes solvent recycling. Recycling degreasers for parts cleaners can be done with more ease.

Recycling Tank Degreasers        

As their makeshift name suggests, tank degreasers are solvent placed in the solvent basin of parts washing systems. Both the type of parts washing system you have and the degreaser you use make it possible or highly impractical to recycle degreasers for parts cleaners.

When it comes to solvent recycling, many industrial degreasers users prefer to recycle them within a parts cleaning system, where the solvents are purified and prepared for another round of cleaning, and then subsequent rounds of cleaning.

This process is used within the context of vapor degreasing — a process in which spent solvent condenses in a special part of the machine, is purified of soils, and then returns to the solvent basin, where it was manually placed before the first batch of parts were cleaned.

Using a parts cleaning system that facilitates vapor degreasing is one way to recycle degreasers for parts cleaners. If you don’t have a parts washer that supports vapor degreasing and recycling waste solvent, making the investment could big-time cost saver in the long run in two ways: It could reduce your solvent cost and mitigate your chemical waste disposal bill.

Degreaser Recycling Limits

Part of the establishing the cost saving value of recycling degreasers for parts cleaners is determined by the number of times the solvents can be recycled within the system. The exact number of times depends on your parts washing system and the degreaser you use.

If in doubt about how many times you can recycle a degreaser, consult the owner’s instructions. If you’re still left with questions, contact the dedicated team of chemists at Ecolink.

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