Degreasers for Industrial Application

As it pertains to industrial cleaning and degreasing needs, degreasers must be powerful solvents that can handle ridding numerous different types of manufactured parts, components, and raw materials of the myriad types of contaminants and damaging particles. Hazardous substances that can wreak havoc on industrial parts include paint, grime, grease, oil, lubricants, corrosion, dirt, dust, and sticky films, among many others. An industrial part could be littered with any of the previously mentioned contaminants, possibly any number of them at once. Therefore, an industrial business must be able to trust that the industrial grade degreaser application will completely rid its manufactured items of all the contaminants found on the product. Some industrial businesses that must trust that its degreasers is one hundred percent effectively removing any and all contaminants from its specialized parts include aerospace and aircraft businesses, automotive industries, power plants, paint and printing companies, electronics businesses, and the military. The following information will mention and describe a few of the most trusted kinds of degreasers that have been successful achieving a complete clean for industrial applications:

  • Citrus Degreasers – the main ingredients in this eco friendly, green alternative degreaser is orange and corn, and has proven to efficiently clean all types of industrial products, no matter how littered with contaminants the product is.
  • Chemical Degreasers – these types of degreasers are the most popularly used by industrial businesses, but due to the harmful chemical found in many of the chemical degreasers, there is a push by federal regulatory agencies to stop its usage. However, companies like Ecolink have begun putting in place eco friendly, green alternative chemical degreasers that will clean as effectively as traditional chemical cleaners and degreasers, but without the dangerous chemical used in previous solvents.
  • Heavy Duty Degreasers – these degreasers are designed with specialized solvents in order to remove what are considered the toughest residues and stains found on manufactured items and raw materials, such as carbon stains, resins, and certain oils.
  • Natural Degreasers – these degreasers are reserved more for home use, but are still considered a very efficient contaminant reducing cleaning method. These degreasers are biodegradable, and are almost always developed with safe chemicals due to its everyday household use.

Keep in mind that certain specifications are required to consider a degreaser for industrial applications. These include the pH value of the degreaser, the kinds of ingredients used to form the degreaser, the total chemical composition of the degreaser, total duration of storage capability, viscosity content, as well as the minimum temperature at which the degreaser can be used. Once you find the right degreaser for your industrial application, your business should double check that the following are achieved:

  1. Complete and utter removal of all insoluble substances
  2. Absolutely no harm will come to workers and employees using the degreaser
  3. Zero ozone depleting chemical are present
  4. There are no corrosive elements to the degreaser
  5. High performance of the degreaser is a mainstay

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