Chemical Waste Consultants

Chemical waste presents serious problematic issues for industrial businesses that use chemical solvents to clean and degrease manufactured products in order to achieve a fine surface finish. For one, chemical waste can be quite dangerous to people and to the environment, contaminating soil, water supplies, even the air everyone breathes, which can lead to serious, long term health issues. No matter how much preventive measures an industrial organization puts in place to try to prevent chemical waste from happening, accidental spills and leaks eventually occur. In other words, chemical waste, no matter how hard an industrial organization tries to prevent it from taking place, can be viewed as inevitable.

One of the main problems associated with chemical waste is industrial organizations are attacking the problem at the wrong place. Instead of stopping chemical waste from happening before beginning the processes that lead to chemical wasting, industrial companies try to insulate the issue with methods after the chemical solvents are already at work cleaning and degreasing products. Businesses that rely on chemical solvents to clean and degrease raw materials need to change to a process that prevents chemical waste from the onset. In other words, use a system of cleaning and degreasing where no chemical waste is ever produced, such as vapor degreasing methods. If you are finding that no matter what you try to implement as a chemical waste reducer, it still is rendered ineffective, and your company is using liquid chemical solvents, then perhaps it is time to transition to a vapor degreaser.

If your industrial organization is relegated to a liquid chemical cleaning solvent, then switch to an eco friendly, green alternative chemical solution that, should there be any chemical seepage, spillage, or leakage, ensures no harm will come to the location where the waste occurs. Moreover, cleaning and degreasing systems now exist that enable an industrial business to recycle chemical solvents while in use. That means that any runoff of chemical solvent can be trapped, captured, reclaimed, and reused for the next cleaning and degreasing service that will take place in the near future.

There are options for not just reducing, but eliminating chemical waste. However, many industrial companies do not have knowledge of chemical waste prevention methods. This is where having a chemical waste consultant available to educate industrial businesses of prevention methods is absolutely necessary. Ecolink employs chemical waste consultants to help industrial organizations become aware of how chemical waste occurs, and to implement systems that significantly reduce, and sometimes altogether eliminate chemical waste. Chemical waste consultants at Ecolink has played a vital role in lowering the overall amount of chemical waste that occurs at industrial facilities by informing those companies of the available methods and systems that effectively limit the amount of waste produced during cleaning and degreasing processes. The successful campaigning of chemical waste reduction could not be accomplished without the guidance and support from Ecolink’s professional chemical waste consultants.