Are All Paint Strippers the Same?

industrial paint strippersPaint removers, or “paint strippers” as they have been called by most who are involved in industrial organizations, is a way to describe any product that has been designed to remove and clean paint off an underlying surface. Paint strippers have become quite popular as of late because of the discovery of older paints containing lead in their ingredients, which is now known as a very hazardous poison to people, and is severely regulated in the United States. The answer to the question stated in the title of this blog is no  – not all paint strippers are the same. Certain paint strippers will only work on certain types of surfaces and finishes. In addition, some surfaces may contain many different types of finishes, which means only a select variety of paint strippers will be effective for these types of conditions. Essentially, paint strippers are broken down into two categories: caustic paint strippers and solvent paint strippers. Caustic paint strippers work by breaking down the chemical bonds in the paint that have been placed on a particular surface. However, the use of caustic paint strippers is not so popular as it used to be because of the hazardous findings associated with this type of paint stripping action. Solvent paint strippers penetrate the layers of paint, and work to dissolve the chemical bond between the paint and the surface. Unfortunately, similar to caustic paint strippers, the active ingredients in many of the solvent paint strippers are also considered hazardous to both people and the environment.

So, with the obvious concern regarding the types of paint strippers available, and whether paint strippers are safe to use, what is an industrial organization, or even an individual, needing a paint stripper to do? Luckily, serious advancements in the types of chemicals that are placed into paint strippers have been made, making the active ingredients in paint strippers much safer now than they used to be. Green alternative solution agencies such as Ecolink have worked hard at assisting scientists and chemists with the producing of eco friendly, green alternative paint strippers that work as effectively as traditional sources, but without the hazardous components involved. Ecolink believes that all harmful chemical agents should be removed from all industrial products, services, and components, because nothing is worth the potential for harmful exposure that could be placed on employees and the environment. Especially with today’s technologies and advancements, scientists, chemists, and green solution organizations like Ecolink are finding much success replacing older hazardous chemical compounds with newer, green alternative solutions.

To find out more about new paint strippers laced with safe active ingredients, it is recommended that you consult with a representative of Ecolink. The professionals at Ecolink can point you in the right direction for eco friendly, green alternative paint stripers, so you can remove paint from any surface as efficiently as possible, while not having to worry about the exposure to harmful chemical agents.