Aircraft Degreasers: What Essential Characteristics Should They Exhibit?

Aircraft degreasing operations are often performed expeditiously. A plane quickly pulls into the hangar to have aircraft degreasers applied to the engine, and then exits the hanger to resume its flight schedule. This scenario calls for aircraft degreasers that have special characteristics that make them ideal for fast, thorough degreasing operations that are performed on jet engines.

High Flashpoint or No Flashpoint
Because the engines of jet planes may be degreased while they are still hot, and even while certain engine parts remain “electrified” from steady use, it is important to choose aircraft degreasers that have an exceptionally high flash point or no flash point at all. Using such solutions can prevent injuries to workers and preserve ultra expensive jet engines from fires.

No Moisture Condensation
To protect non-stainless steel parts in the engine compartment against oxidation, aircraft degreasers that feature no moisture condensation should be used. For example, a dielectric degreaser that dries quickly instead of dripping dry would be an ideal option. The less wetness an airplane engine experiences, the longer its parts can be expected to remain in service.

No Residual Cleaner Left on Parts
Cleaner residue left on engine parts essentially sabotages the cleaning operation. Instead of repelling dirt and grime, the residue can actually increase the rate at which soils collect on the engine’s various parts. It is similar to mopping a kitchen floor with a cleaner that leaves behind residue; the floor tends to get dirtier faster than it would if no surface residue were present.

Non-Toxic Cleaning Formulation
As long as the degreaser is non-corrosive, its toxicity generally isn’t a problem for the engine that is cleaned. However, toxicity can have a major impact on a company and its workers. A special ventilation system and high-level personal protective equipment (PPE) would be necessary expenses. Without them, workers could acquire chronic health problems that lead to costly injury settlements, high-end workers compensation payouts, and loss of productivity.

Aggressive Cleaning Action
When aircraft degreasing applications must have a quick turnaround time, it is important to use a degreaser that has an aggressive cleaning action. In the minds of many, aggressive cleaning action is still associated with the use of toxic degreasers. However, special technology that can formulate highly aggressive degreasers that have a non-toxic profile is now available to all.

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