Aircraft Coating Removers – Eco Friendly HYBRID-STRIP

Airplanes require the right surface coating removers to avoid damage to the material. When you remove a coat, it takes a little finesse to select the most fitting product for any corporate, commercial, or military grade airplane. Additional concerns such as the use of environmentally friendly products also come into play before choosing an aerospace coating remover.

Available agents consist of many different organic base compounds and the wrong choices will simply not work or harm the structure of a plane. Corrosion is a large concern since the metal base naturally oxidizes as it is exposed to water, the wrong chemicals, or other harmful elements. Protective elements are introduced to the base metal to generate a corrosion resistant alloy, which must be safeguarded during cleaning or removal.

Make Certain the Product Will Not Create Problems
Corrosion frequently occurs during exposure to normal environmental factors, but may also be a direct consequence of applying the wrong chemicals or from water-related exposure. During removal, corrosion often develops when the process is not done correctly or if a plane is exposed to caustic cleaning solutions. The best bet for effectively removing a coating is an agent that is noncorrosive, environmentally friendly, and does not harm important exterior qualities of the plane.

Advanced Performance Coatings (APC’s), as an example, have different removal requirements than alternative types of exterior coverings. Consider the answers to the following questions before choosing a product for these purposes:

  • Is the application for corporate, commercial or military planes?
  • Are there any special coverings on the aircraft?
  • What chemicals or products could cause or contribute to corrosion?
  • Is an environmentally friendly option available?
  • What type of coating is being removed?

Once these questions have been fully evaluated, you will be able to choose the best aircraft coating remover for your unique usage needs.

Have You Checked Out HYBRID-STRIP?
offers a great choice for achieving great performance without harming the environment or the long-term health of individuals. It has been developed to meet the unique needs of application areas such as military plane and commercial airline care and features the following:

  •  An environmentally friendly aerospace coating remover designed to deliver quick results and eliminate the toughest epoxy or polyurethane-coating using innovative technology developed specifically for the aerospace industry.
  • Utilized by OEM’s, and MRO’s worldwide in both the military and commercial aerospace markets.
  • Meets various specifications including Boeing, Airbus, Douglas, Learjet, and USAF.
  • Recommended for use on all corporate and commercial aircraft and all military aircraft refereeing to USAF TO 1-1-8 (Air Force Purchase Description).
  • Independent laboratory tests show Hybrid-Strip is safe on various metals including magnesium and high strength steel.
  • For best results use chemical resistant airless spray equipment. Pump should be 2-horse power or higher.
  • Hybrid-Strip TDS

This product options offer a number of benefits for preventing corrosion and protecting aircraft exteriors. At Ecolink, we are proud to sponsor this option. Our team can help you find the best product for your specific aircraft care needs. Call today 800-563-1305 to learn more!