Five Benefits of Using an Aerosol Contact Cleaner Instead of Other Forms

Contact cleaner is formulated to clean the electrical contacts in equipment and devices that complete the electrical circuits they contain. In most cases, companies and organizations choose to apply contact cleaner in one of three forms: aerosol, liquid, or wipes. However, it should also be noted that some entities decide to use all three forms instead of just one. Even so, there are at least five distinct benefits of using contact cleaner that comes in aerosol form.

  1. Easy to Apply in Small Amounts

Unlike contact cleaner that is wiped on or applied using a conventional spray bottle, aerosol contact cleaner can be applied in infinitesimal amounts. This feature is useful for cleaning individual contacts that need more attention due to their location in the equipment or device.

  1. Helps Reduce Waste Disposal Cost

Unlike heavily saturated wipes that drip solvent when compressed and liquid solvent that is applied by pouring or spraying with a conventional spray bottle, properly applied aerosol solutions produce little of any excess solvent that is collected in the solvent waste trap. The less the waste trap must be emptied, the more you save on professional waste disposal costs.

  1. More Flexible Storage Options

Unlike large supplies of wipes and sizable pails of liquid cleaner, standard size aerosol cans can be taken from the box and stored in a variety of configurations. Simply put, aerosol containers can go where other forms of contact cleaner can’t, such as on narrow shelves in the work environment, tight spaces in storage closets, and small utility cabinets, just to name a few.

  1. Eliminates Possibility of Spillage

Whereas compressed wipes can drip excess cleaning solution and pails of cleaner can be spilled in their entirety, it is virtually impossible to spill an aerosol contact cleaner. To do so, you would literally have to rip the container apart — and you wouldn’t like the resulting explosion if you did!

  1. Easy to Disperse Evenly

High-quality aerosol contact cleaner such as the kind Ecolink supplies emits a definitive particle size, produces a specific spray pattern, and dispenses a volume of cleaner per second that makes it easy to distribute aerosol contact cleaner evenly upon areas that must be cleaned. Even dispersal of the solution helps ensures that each electrical contact is cleaned to the same degree.

Need an Aerosol Contact Cleaner?
If your company or organization performs business-critical contact cleaning, performing them with an aerosol contact cleaner can yield the benefits above, among others. At Ecolink, we do more than supply cleaners in aerosol form. We provide aerosol cleaners whose non-toxic formulation makes them safer to use for workers and the environment. In addition to supplying ready-made aerosols, we also create custom aerosol blends that meet unique cleaning needs.

For more information about our aerosol contact cleaners and contact cleaners in other forms, call us today at (800) 563-1305, or simply use our contact page. We look forward to supplying you with powerful, safe to use cleaning solvents for all of your electrical contact cleaning needs!