We want your top 10 worst industrial chemical problems!

While there is an abundance of industrial chemical solution providers around the globe, there are only a few chemical solution providers who specialize in solving the really dirty and often nasty industrial chemical problems. Our value proposition is straightforward:

We want the opportunity to collaborate with you to resolve your top 10 worst industrial chemical problems.

Whether the missing piece in your compliance, sustainability program is the material, method, machine or person(s) involved, we welcome the privilege of working together in fulfilling your environmental (EMS) and/or quality management systems (QMS). Are you committed to removing toxic, flammable, VOC’s or volatile materials with short shelf lives that you frequently dispose of before consuming? Ecolink wants to hear from you by email or calling 800 563-1305.

Do you need to solve one or more chemical problems affecting sourcing, use, handling and/or disposal?

  • Change the way you buy chemicals
  • Change the landscape of chemicals in use
  • Change the odds for waste, pollution

Ecolink can enhance your accountability among employees, shareholders, regulators, insurance providers, financial analysts and neighboring environmental groups by helping your leaders improve what chemicals they use, how they are used & rethink why they flow through your organization. Ecolink offers support by increasing the availability & quality of information to engineering, maintenance, production, procurement, environmental health and safety staff to help extend worker safety during maintenance or production of high value parts, equipment and/or fleets. Getting and staying compliant across all industrial chemicals in use leads to positive outcomes and raises the probability that pollution & waste get eliminated.

The Ecolink Approach aspires to:….
Meet leaders where they are.Challenge leaders to do what they know is needed.Help leaders get further faster.Ask leaders to be an active part of the solution.
  • Responding to pressing issues?
  • Selecting a planning/decision-making approach?
  • Engaging stakeholders?
  • Creating partnerships and coordinating teams?
  • Gathering data?
  • Selecting priority areas?
  • Developing action plans?
  • Advocating for resources?
  • Implementing strategies?
  • Tracking Progress?
  • Reporting results?
  • Making improvements?


Want do all of the above?

Who we are

Ecolink Inc is an international chemical solution design and implementation agency led by chemist and president, John Roudebush, based in Tucker, GA – a suburb of Atlanta.

What we do

Every day we craft vision and voice for industrial chemicals consumed in large and small quantities – “lean(er) chemical solutions for the next generation.” We conceive and execute creative solutions for chemical sourcing, application (use), handling, filtration/recycling/distillation and disposal.

Instead of. … What if we …
Trying to get people to change … First find out what their goals are
Starting with a solution in mind … Begin by discovering why they are struggling
Relying on a single solution. … Create a coordinated system of solution elements

The biggest culprit is… Lack of management system in place (EMS, QMS). Our value proposition is simple: we guarantee less industrial chemicals come in and out of your facilities and stay away from the eyes, lungs, nose and skin of your staff and everyone in the path of your inbound clean and outbound dirty industrial chemicals.

Gas Prices & Industrial Chemicals Share Pricing Trends

Going green wasn’t a trend when we started in 1991. It was just the right thing to do. A pioneer in lean(er) chemical solutions for the next generation, Ecolink integrates ‘all’ your chemical-related expenses to quantify your total cost ownership (tco) vs. cost by can, gallon or other unit of measure.

Too many organizations buy their industrial chemicals the same way they buy gasoline or diesel for their vehicles.

However, buying industrial chemicals contains additional layers of costs. The Chemical Strategies Partnership has seen the cost of chemical management range from $1.00 to $3.00 for every dollar of chemical purchased. That means for a facility purchasing $5 million in chemicals, they are spending an additional $5 million to $15 million managing those chemicals. These high costs are due to the concealed expenses behind chemical use, like compliance, safety, disposal, and floor space. Yet most management accounting systems do not attribute these costs.

Where highly regulated, industrial chemicals are meaningful to your maintenance or production of high value parts, equipment and/or fleets we want to help squeeze scrap/waste from each step in each of your chemical processes. How? By finding the optimum process to remove the soil without harming your worker, our environment, and your pocketbook without harming the product itself.

14 Core Values and Reasons to Partner with Ecolink
and our Alliance Partner Network

  1. Product Performance – You are either 80%+ happy or you need to keep searching.
  2. Product transparency – What you see is ‘exactly’ what you get, every time.
  3. Product lifecycle – We are the ONLY chemical company to optimize your chemical regardless of who makes, sells or delivers them, including our own!
  4. Independent checks & balances – Our team of experts provides ‘independent’ checks and balances throughout your chemical lifecycle ensuring transparency and accountability.
  5. Compliance & Conformance Expertise – At Ecolink, you are working with one of the most experienced group of Chemical Retention Specialists in our industry.
  6. No greenwashing. – Ever! We do not claim environmental superiority in our products. We do claim lean(er) chemical solutions will reduce chemical-related waste and pollution.
  7. Live person answering phones – We know that you have a choice when choosing your supplier. That’s why Ecolink provides a personal experience that begins with a live person answering each call promptly during business hours. In addition, our 24-hour on-line guest assistance desk is managed by a team of specialists available 365 days from anywhere in the world.
  8. Speed of Response to Questions – You want information when you need answers. With an average of 16 years experience in the chemical industry, our Chemical Retention Specialists answer 8 out of 10 questions immediately based on their personal experiences.
  9. Willingness to customize – Our Chemical Retention Specialists combine creativity with their extensive knowledge. As a result, the number of formulations we customize for clients increases each year in proportion to the number of regulatory changes affecting worker health and safety (eyes, lungs, skin) and environmental impacts (air, land, water).
  10. Safety Record – Our worldwide team provides personal attention to each client, treating them the same as a member of their own family.
  11. Managed by evidence-based programs – No opinion, guesswork or truth management.
  12. Source Reduction – We leverage the collective wisdom from our government, academic and business partners (230+ members) of the Partnership for a Sustainable Georgia.
  13. Local sourcing and production – All Ecolink chemical solutions are manufactured in the United States. We strongly believe in local sourcing of materials and equipment. We utilize energy efficient systems, sustainable materials and only collaborate with countries who follow International Labor Organization Standards.
  14. More than money – We are business leaders who care as much about sustaining human health as we do about sustaining profits.

Ecolink wants to hear from you by calling 800 563-1305 or email.