Welcome to Ecolink — your one-stop shopping for all cannabis and hemp chemical processing needs. Where “ships today” is the best way we put a smile on our customer’s faces. We carry all the necessary chemicals to process your product from extraction to maintenance and our goal is to get you the best chemicals regardless of the stage of processing you manage. If you are worried about flammable storage, don’t be. We do small quantities with commodity chemicals. Don’t wait two weeks for IPA.

Oil Extraction

Getting the proper chemical is critical to producing the best product and keeping you in production. If we don’t stock your go-to chemical, we have a team of experts ready to find it or introduce a great alternative.

Lab Testing

Whether your cleaning needs are for lab equipment, lab materials, lab surfaces or clean rooms, we’ve got the proper chemicals to keep you in compliance. Don’t let chemical delays slow down your lab.

Maint & Cleaning

Processing cannabis and hemp can be a dirty job, but we have all the chemical solutions to keep your processing equipment pristine. Talk with our cleaning experts today to find the best products available.

Your Cleaners On Time