Asphalt Extraction Solvent

Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet

This blend of environmentally preferred ingredients introduces a completely new approach to asphalt extraction. Unlike traditional extraction solvents, Ecolink’s ATR HI-FLASH offers the best features of a low flashpoint solvent in a high flashpoint blend. ATR HI-FLASH is an extremely aggressive solvent, has a pleasant citrus odor, and yet still exhibits a TCC flashpoint of 145ºF. ATR HI-FLASH quickly dissolves and liquefies the toughest mixtures, delivering fast and accurate test results. It emulsifies instantly in water, leaving behind a residue-free surface. ATR HI-FLASH may be used in a lab as directed by AASHTO T164.


  • Biodegradable
  • Excellent solvency
  • High TCC flashpoint
  • No unpleasant fumes
  • No hazardous or listed solvents

This product is used undiluted to perform common asphalt extractions. It may also be used to remove accumulations of grease, tar and asphalt on engines, machine parts, etc. For cleanup applications, spray on to a thoroughly wet surface, allow 5 minutes contact time, and hose off with water under pressure. For heavy accumulations use a brush to loosen grease and oil, then rinse.

Physical Characteristics Comparison Chart

Physical Property Typical Value
Appearance & Odor Clear colorless to light amber with mild odor
Boiling Range 378-400°F
Flash Point, TCC 145°F
pH N/A (solvent)
Solubility In Water Emulsifiable
Specific Gravity 0.860
VOC Content 860 gm/l
Vapor Pressure 1.5 mmHg @ 770F
Vapor Density (AIR=1) >1

(N/A = Not Applicable N/D = Not Determined)

Safety and Handling Precautions
Use adequate ventilation. Solvent resistant nitrile gloves are recommended. Safety glasses or splash goggles are recommended. Wash hands after use. Treat as simple oil waste. Incinerate or landfill in manner conforming to state, federal and local regs. All rags must be placed in a metal sealable container after use to avoid possible spontaneous combustion. Keep container closed. Keep out of reach of children. Treat this chemical with respect and follow all MSDS instructions.


Product Name Part # Packaging
ATR HI-FLASH 0117-55 55 Gal. Drum
ATR HI-FLASH 0117-5 5 Gal. Pail