While cannabis and hemp processing may be relatively new to the market, our expertise with maintenance and cleaning chemicals is not. We’ve been providing all types of industrial processing chemicals to the market since the 1990’s. From food processing labs to Boeing assembly lines, our experience with manufacturers is deep. We have the staff, resources, and know how to get you the exact chemicals needed for your maintenance and cleaning process. Below are a few cleaning processes we handle regularly:

    ? Resin Removal
    ? Fat Removal
    ? Wax removal
    ? Glassware sterilization
    ? Metal Removers
    ? Disinfectants

    If you are worried about flammable storage, don’t be. We do small quantities with low-end commodity chemicals. Don’t wait two weeks for IPA.


    Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA)

    Rip Tide


    Special Blends

    Regardless of the method used, we not only have the necessary chemicals needed, but we can also create a special blend in cases where the demand for the chemical is worth your investment. Contact our chemical experts today to get started.