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Solvent Recovery is the Answer to Cutting Costs

In today’s world, many laboratories and industrial settings utilize costly solvents in daily operations and dispose of them shortly after. This practice of not recycling used solvents is not cost effective. To combat this practice, CBG Technologies developed a wide array of solvent distillers that heat liquid waste and then separate, purify and cool the […]

The Health Dangers of Using nPB Vapor Degreaser

Over the past 20 years, nPB (a.k.a. n-propyl bromide and 1-bromopropane) has become a go-to solvent in numerous industries, from dry cleaning, to furniture construction, to asphalt production. During roughly the same time period, OSHA and the EPA have steadily studied the health dangers of the solvent based on scientific investigation. What emerges is a […]

AK225 Flushing Fluid Replacement: Two Options From Ecolink

AK225 flushing fluid (a.k.a. Asahiklin) enjoyed a long run as a go-to solvent for companies that perform routine degreasing and general cleaning of parts, surfaces, and materials. However, the solution’s ozone depleting properties rightly placed it on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) list of solvents that are banned or regulated. AK225 was primarily produced in […]