Solvent Recovery is the Answer to Cutting Costs

In today’s world, many laboratories and industrial settings utilize costly solvents in daily operations and dispose of them shortly after. This practice of not recycling used solvents is not cost effective. To combat this practice, CBG Technologies developed a wide array of solvent distillers that heat liquid waste and then separate, purify and cool the resulting vapors into a highly pure solvent for reuse. Solvent distillation is an essential part of many of today’s industries since it allows them to decrease spending by reducing solvent consumption, reducing waste disposal, and reducing storage space needed for new and used solvents. Without solvent distillation equipment, there would be no process to recycle solvents, and as a result, customers would have increased levels of waste generation that create higher costs.

Utilization of distillation equipment enables labs to:
• Obtain higher quality solvents
• Reduce solvent consumption
• Reduce liability concerning storage and waste disposal
• Maintain lower levels of waste generation
• Comply with government regulations and guidelines concerning waste disposal

Types of Solvent Recycling Equipment

In order to meet the demand of various laboratory sizes and conditions, CBG Technologies has developed various sizes of distilling apparatuses over the past twenty years, which can meet the desired spatial needs of each customer. The models for laboratories include benchtop and portable floor models, which can be further customized with the use of CBG Tech accessories. Moreover, CBG Tech provides simple and fractional distillers, which can be customized, for various industrial applications.

Laboratory applications of distillation equipment:
• Achieving a high purity of recycled solvent – usually in excess of 99%
• Recycling diluted alcohols to a high concentration approaching 95%
• Attaining a high recovery of the contaminated solvent – typically around 95%

Industrial applications of solvent recovery:
• Electroplating
• Parts washing
• Vapor degreasing
• Paints/coating
• General cleaning

Standard options of industrial distillers:
• Manually-Operated Fill Pump
• Auto-fill and Continuous Operation
• Construction to Class 1 Division 1 Standards
• Solvent/Water Separator
• Vacuum Assist
• Rapid Tank Cool-Down Module

Safety and Compliance

Each model is compliant with the most current government and regulatory standards and specifications to ensure that work environments stay safe. Furthermore, CGB Tech delivers excellent customer service and technical guidance that ensures customers are able to integrate distillers into their processes. In addition to supplying distillers, CBG Tech provides service options designed to help customers after the purchase of an apparatus.

Service options include:
• Total Replacement Policies
• Onsite Preventative Maintenance
• GC Testing
• Retraining of staff

With the benefits of using solvent distillation equipment, many laboratories, such as chemistry and pathology labs, are able to be environmentally friendly while being mindful of operating costs.

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