what are alkaline degreasers

What Are Alkaline Degreasers? 

What are alkaline degreasers? Curiously, pH is the measurement of the acidic or alkaline value of a substance or compound. Therefore to understand what alkaline degreasers are, we must measure the level of acidity in the products. Typically, a pH level greater than 7 is the indicator of the compound or substance is alkaline. A pH of 7 or less indicates that a substance is acidic in its nature. 

What does this mean? Alkaline degreasers are degreasers that are generally less toxic and more eco-friendly. They clean the subjects without complex acidic or heavy chemical additives, ensuring the users of fewer VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in their cleaners. This naturally provides stellar cleaning and degreasing power without many of the harmful side effects of other chemical cleaners or degreasers. 

Ecolink is a go-to supplier and distributor of bulk chemicals and industrial cleaning agents, including alkaline degreasers.

Like most users of industrial chemicals, your concern for your staff and employees, contractors, and customers are vital to the continuing success of your enterprise and the choice of your cleaning and degreasing products is important in maintaining your excellent record of safety. If you need help finding the best chemicals for your needs while keeping your facility safe and educated on proper use and handling, Ecolink can help. 

Benefits Shopping For Alkaline Degreasers With Ecolink 

  • Bulk Supply –  Ecolink is a bulk supplier of industrial chemicals and degreasers offering bulk sizing in 5-gallon buckets and 55-gallon drums to accommodate facilities of all sizes. 
  • Expert Knowledge –  What are alkaline degreasers? Let the experts answer your questions! Ecolink has been a trusted supplier of industrial chemicals since 1991. With over 30 years of knowledge and experience, our skilled team of chemists and experts is more than qualified to help you understand and find the best chemical solutions for your needs.
  • Environmentally Conscious –  In addition to traditional bulk chemicals, Ecolink also offers a variety of green, chemical alternatives if you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint and make your facility more environmentally friendly. 

What Are Alkaline Degreasers & Where Can You Buy In Bulk? 

If you are in need of a bulk alkaline degreaser Contact Ecolink here!  We are ready to help you find the best chemicals and solvents for your needs. Call today to learn more.