N-Butanol, also known as 1 butanol, or butyl alcohol, is an alcohol produced by petrochemical processes or fermentation of sugars derived from corn. It is a colorless liquid, medium volatile. N-Butanol is present in numerous beverages and food. N-Butanol has many other uses and applications such as:


  • As a solvent
  • As as a feedstock for synthesis
  • Additive in polishes and cleaners
  • As an artificial flavoring
  • As a fuel
  • Humectant for cellulose nitrate
  • In cosmetic industries


  • Can be used in gasoline engines without modification
  • High energy content
  • Fewer emissions than regular fuel

Safety and Handling  

N-Butanol is highly flammable, therefore, it must be kept apart from fire, or heat. Although it is considered safe to use it in cosmetic, an overexposure may cause skin/eyes irritation. If inhaled, it can cause suppression of the central nervous system, that could lead to death if prolonged exposure to fumes. When using this product do it in a well-ventilated area.

RESPONSE:  if skin contact, wash it with plenty of water for around 15 minutes. If inhaled, remove the victim to fresh air, and if breathing is difficult, administer oxygen and call for medical attention as soon as possible.