This product is a clear, colorless liquid solvent with a mild, sweet odor. Methylene Chloride (also known as Dichloromethane and Methylene Dichloride) can be used as a solvent in paint and varnish removers, a process solvent in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, as a degreasing agent, and as an ethane foam blowing agent.

Physical and Chemical Properties 

Typical physical properties are listed in the table below. Actual properties may vary from lot to lot.

Typical Properties Typical Method Typical Value
Appearance Colorless Liquid
Odor Sweet
Melting Point -97 °C (-142.6 °F)
Boiling Point 39 °C (102.2 °F)
Flash Point no data available
Flammability or explosive limits Upper: 23 vol %

Lower: 13 vol %

Vapor Pressure 350 mbar @ 20 °C
Vapor Density 2.93 (Air = 1.0)
Specific Gravity 1.33
Solubility no information available
Autoignition Temperature 556 °C / 1032.8 °F