Finding a Trichloroethylene Replacement Solvent for Vapor Degreasing

Trichloroethylene (a.k.a. TCE) is a chemical compound that was commonly used for industrial degreasing operations starting in the 1920s. Use of the compound plummeted when the U.S. government included it in the EPA’s list of hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). Due to the listing, many outfits switched to n propyl bromide (NPB) cleaners that are not chlorinated. However, NPB has its own drawbacks, and is now up for inclusion on the EPA’s revised list of HAPs.

Finding a Proper Replacement
Large-scale users of TCE cleaners that need a trichloroethylene replacement solvent for vapor degreasing often search for NPB cleaners, as the cleaners were heralded as the next generation of industrial degreasing agents after TCE was considered hazardous to humans and the environment. However, because a federal phase out of NPB appears to be in the works, it’s important to leapfrog NPB solvents and choose from among new cleaners that exhibit better safety profiles and usage parameters than their toxically formulated predecessors.

FluoSolv CA as a Replacement
At Ecolink, we recommend FluoSolv CA as an ideal trichloroethylene replacement solvent for vapor degreasing. Although the agent has better usage parameters and a much improved safety profile when compared to TCE and NPB cleaners, it delivers the same degreasing power as these toxic agents, quickly removing the build up of tough organic substances on a variety of different parts and equipment. The solution also excels in vapor degreasing procedures that are performed to remove mineral oils, hydrocarbon and silicone greases, waxes, and hydraulic fluids.

FluoSolv is an excellent trichloroethylene replacement solvent partly because it’s azeotropic mixture retains its liquid concentration throughout the temperature range that is used for vapor degreasing. It is also a great replacement solvent for several additional reasons, including:

  • No flash point
  • Allowable exposure limit of 200 ppm
  • <90 ppm solubility of water
  • No ozone depleting chemicals
  • Not hazardous to humans

In addition, FluoSolv CA excels at degreasing a variety of materials, particularly: metals, ceramics, glass, and elastomers. This is a major reason why we’ve had such success in offering FluoSolv as a trichloroethylene replacement solvent. Due to its excellent safety profile and broad range of approved uses, customers are strongly motivated to make the replacement.

Creating a Custom Replacement
As well as FluoSolv CA works as a replacement for trichloroethylene solvents and NPB solvents for most customers, we realize that vapor degreasing procedures can be unique to the degree that a custom replacement is needed. Consequently, we’re prepared to create a custom replacement solvent if Fluosolv CA or a similar replacement solvent doesn’t meet your needs. Once the custom solution is created, we can supply it to you continuously moving forward.

Starting the Replacement Process
If you need a trichloroethylene replacement solvent, the best thing you can do is contact Ecolink to schedule a free evaluation of your degreasing needs. Though we can typically provide a drop-in replacement solution rather quickly, we must inevitably spend some time reviewing your vapor degreasing processes to ensure that we provide you with the best replacement options.

To get started on the replacement process for TCE cleaners, call us today at (800) 563-1305, or refer to the contact page on our website. We look forward to supplying a safer vapor degreaser!