PD 680 and AA 59601 Replacement

Drop-in Replacement Option for PD 680 & A-A-59601 Solvents

Need a Conforming Product to MIL PRF 680B Type II? The Safe Alternative is Parts Kleen II

PD 680 and AA 59601 Replacement

Parts Kleen II does an exceptional job as a drop-in replacement for cleaners with PRF 680 (Formerly PD 680) or A-A-59601 requirements and is an effective option when your Technical Order does not require a product qualified to MIL-PRF-680 specification. Offering the industrial cleaning strength of our qualified solvent degreasers, Parts Kleen II is not only potent but guarantees a high standard of safety with its high flash point (145°F). With Ecolink’s fast and easy processing, you can rest assured the product will be headed your way the same day you place your order.

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Environmentally Preferred Solvent

Parts Kleen II does not contain chlorinated solvents but the high-grade hydrocarbon base ensures its potency for stripping grease, fuel oil, carbon, and organic resins on any type of mechanical apparatus. The solvent leaves most plastic and rubber surfaces unharmed. Parts Kleen II works well in a parts washer and its high flash point safely allows you to apply heat when necessary. Minimal protective equipment is necessary when working with Parts Kleen II.

Economically Beneficial

While Parts Kleen II is easier on the environment, it is also beneficial to your wallet. Ecolink sells this degreasing solvent for a lower premium than those qualified for MIL-PRF-680, but that is not the only financial gain. Saving money on most products usually ends after purchase, however, in the case of Parts Kleen II you can cut back on disposal expenditure as well. This solvent does not contain any hazardous ingredients as defined by the EPA and can be discarded for a lower cost.

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You might also be interested in our D’limonene alternative Parts Kleen Plus, which is manufactured with a high-grade petroleum and terpene hydrocarbon for additional cleaning strength. To learn more about either of these quality solvent degreasers, give us a call at (800) 563-1305 or send an email to

Degreasing Agents – Finding Eco-Friendly Industrial Cleaners

Degreasing agents are a type of cleaning product used in several industries for lifting grease, oil, fats, or other contaminants from the surface of an object. Solvents are a common choice for removing unwanted contaminants from difficult to clean surfaces. Degreasing agents are frequently used to clean floors, machine parts, automotive parts, industrial stoves, and kitchen areas. The decision to use a solvent for lifting grease or grime raises some concern regarding the eco-friendliness of these products. Flammable, toxic solvents are harmful to humans, plant life, animals, water sources, and the air. Water-based degreasing agents containing a reduced amount of solvents are one option companies have for reducing environmental impact. Environmentally friendly options offer a safer choice for meeting cleaning needs. It is important to evaluate how a choice will affect the surrounding atmosphere when choosing a degreasing agent for quick, easy removal.

What Characteristics Create a Safer Cleaning Agent?

Many products have eco-friendly printed right on the label, but it is important to know what actually makes each available choice safer for the environment. Traditional cleaners have three specific drawbacks: surface abrasion, harmful to the body, toxic to the environment.  The chemicals making up these industrial cleaners are harmful to the skin and should never be inhaled or ingested. Ingredients in eco-friendly alternatives are:

  • Gentler on Surfaces
  • Safer to Handle
  • Non-toxic
  • Biodegradable

Residue created from traditional industrial cleaners remains in bodies of water and soil for a longer period of time. This contributes to toxicity in the surrounding eco-system and poses harm to every form of life with access to the water polluted water or soil source. Businesses and individuals requiring a degreasing agent must keep the possible negative impacts of a chosen solvent based cleaner. Before choosing a degreaser, consider the manufacturing processes used to make the product in addition to its ingredients. Solvent-free degreasing agents typically contain alkaline chemicals, surfactants, or a combination of the two. A water-based or solvent-free cleaner can be beneficial as long as it meets degreasing requirements.

Choose a manufacturer who takes the environment into consideration during creation of their product. The manufacturer should use ingredients that are as close as possible to their natural state to avoid extensive processing steps. Renewable plant or vegetative based materials are a much safer choice than products made from fossil fuel reserves. Does the manufacturer minimize energy consumption and is waste material properly treated prior to disposal? The cleaner should effectively meet specified needs, have recyclable qualities, and offer eco-friendly benefits. While not every eco-friendly selection will provide the required results, a variety of less harmful cleaners are available with the capability to supply the same if not better results. If you have been considering switching to less volatile, safer alternatives, take plenty of time to consider each possible option before making a choice. Then choose a suitable product that is capable of meeting your specific degreasing requirements and not harmful to the environment.

Industrial cleaners are necessary in a number of industries and play a pivotal safety role. For more information about environmentally friendly, low VOC products, please call (800) 886-8240 or email

Degreasing Agents – Eco Friendly Solutions

safety solventsDegreasers are a key solution for those whose enterprise works heavily in industry. Degreasing agents are chemical compound solutions that are used to dissolve dirt, oil, grease, rust, stains, and any type of sticky or adhesive leftover residue from a metal, part, or material. They are integral in the industrial process, as a part cannot be used unless it is free from substances that could negatively impact the way those materials are supposed to operate and function. Business owners know all to well how dire a reliable and effective degreasing agent is, and that is why, even though there is a worldly push for companies to find and incorporate eco friendly solutions within their business, business owners are afraid to change to something that might not work. If a business owner has to shut down operation because a part of material is not working they way it should, abysmal ramifications are soon to follow, all of which will seriously hurt production and revenue. For those quick to judge companies who have made the eco friendly switch, think about what would happen if you had a business, and it was shut down because you made a change in the daily operations when everything was functioning properly before the transition. It is entrepreneur suicide.

Green Alternative Degreasing Agents

This is why industrial solution companies such as Ecolink are thriving today. Ecolink can help an industrial business owner every step of the way – providing information on green alternative degreasing agents, finding the exact eco friendly cleaning solution that will continue the success of your operation, and continue to provide support in the event that assistance is needed in the future. Ecolink has been helping companies transition to eco friendly solutions for years, with an unbelievable success rate.

To industrial business owners: Ecolink understand the hesitance to transition from a formula that has in place for years, sometimes decades, with a one hundred percent performance record. We have conducting tireless research concerning degreasing agents and eco friendly cleaning solutions, and can provide you with overwhelming research and information based on quality studies from world-renowned scientists and professionals. Ecolink promises to find you the right degreasing agent and eco friendly solution that will prove to be as effective, if not more effective than the chemical agent you use now.