Six Benefits of Replacing TCE with NuGenTec FluoSolv® CX

Laboratory analysis of Trichloroethylene (TCE) has classified the chemical compound as a Category 2 carcinogen that has an R-45 Risk Phase. Moreover, this means that the solution “may cause cancer” in those who are chronically exposed to it. Additional health problems that stem from TCE exposure include: eye and skin irritation, drowsiness, and dizziness.

If your company uses TCE for a specific application on a limited basis, recovers waste TCE after a job is finished, and provides proper personal protective equipment (PPE) to those who work with the solution, replacing TCE with a solution that has a better safety profile may be beside the point. However, if your company uses a large volume of TCE in any given period of time, it should consider replacing TCE with NuGenTec FluoSolv® CX for the following reasons.

1. The Solution Is not a CMR
Unlike TCE, the Solvent Emissions Directive (SED) does not classify NuGenTec FluoSolv® CX as a carcinogenic, mutagenic or reproductive toxin (CMR). This means the solution does not carry the risk phases that are associated with TCE and similar types of chemical formulations.

2. High Exposure Limit
PPG — a leading manufacturer of TCE in the U.S. — sets the exposure limit for TCE at 5 ppm. Conversely, NuGenTec FluoSolv® CX has an exposure limit up to 200 ppm. Replacing the former with the latter gives you more flexibility to use the solution on a frequent basis.

3. High Annual Consumption Level
The SED caps the annual consumption level of TCE at below 1 tonne per year. This is 50 percent less than the annual consumption for NuGenTec FluoSolv® CX, which has an annual consumption level of 2 tonnes per year. Again, using the latter solution gives you more flexibility.

4. Low Global Warming Potential
If your company is committed to supporting the environment through the use of eco friendly solutions, using NuGenTec FluoSolv® CX in place of TCE is an excellent option. TCE has a global warming potential (GWE) of 140. The GWE for NuGenTec FluoSolv® CX is 50.

5. Requires No Stabilizers
When it is used for vapor degreasing operations, TCE requires the addition of a stabilizer to increase its chemical stability. NuGenTec FluoSolv® CX, on the other hand, is formulated to be chemically stable. This can help you cut costs by using lower amounts of stabilizer solutions.

6. Doesn’t Generate a Waste Stream
Replacing TCE with NuGenTec FluoSolv® CX eliminates a liquid waste stream that must be disposed of according to federal, state, or municipal guidelines. Eliminating the liquid waste stream is good for the environment, and helps companies spend less money on waste disposal.

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If your company relies heavily on the use of TCE, it should ideally replace the solution with NuGenTec FluoSolv® CX for the reasons listed above. There are plenty of TCE replacements out there, but NuGenTec FluoSolv® CX delivers one of the widest ranges of benefits of any replacement solution.

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