Using Rosin Flux Remover to Remove Rosin Soldering Flux

In the metallurgical industry, rosin is used as a flux for soldering applications. It is used to prevent metal parts and assemblies from oxidizing during the heat treating process. Commonly used for soldering electronic parts, rosin creates a barrier between metal workpieces and the heat source that’s used to perform the soldering operation. This scenario is essential for keeping metal contacts from oxidizing and causing costly repairs for unanticipated electrical problems.

Using Rosin Flux
According to Wikipedia, rosin flux that is commonly used for electronics “has about 1% rosin as a flux core helping the molten metal flow and making a better connection by reducing the refractory solid oxide layer [that is] formed at the surface back to metal. When the heat treating process is complete, leftover rosin is frequently as the burnt or clear residue that [surrounds newly soldered] electrical parts.” This description of rosin soldering inherently underlines the importance of using a high-quality rosin flux remover on affected electrical components.

Using Rosin Flux Remover
Rosin flux remover is formulated to remove the “burnt or clear residue” that rosin flux leaves after the heat treating process is complete. When rosin is used as a flux for soldering electrical contacts — particularly those that other precision components tightly surround — using an aerosol rosin flux remover offers several benefits over using a flux remover in wipe form. Below are some essential benefits of using an aerosol solution instead of one that is wiped on by hand.

  • Easier to control dispersal of the solution
  • Less waste flux remover in the waste trap
  • Easy to implement and put directly to use
  • Even dispersal of remover on affected parts

A small amount of rosin flux residue that surrounds electrical contacts may not seem to be a major problem to the casual observer. However, there are several reasons to remove the accumulation, with the following reasons being highly crucial to the operation of the equipment and its acceptance by customers who need to use the equipment in a business-critical capacity.

  • A rosin shell may cause contacts to become hotter than usual
  • The chemical consistency of rosin may cause contact corrosion
  • Rosin on contacts may cause customers to reject the product
  • Depending on its properties, rosin make attract dirt and grime

For these reasons and others, it’s important for metallurgists that use rosin soldering flux to use a rosin flux remover to remove excessive accumulations of rosin-based flux residue, too. If your company is looking for a chemist-created rosin flux remover, FluoSolv® AP that is available from Ecolink in aerosol and liquid form may be the perfect solution for your work processes.

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Rosin makes an excellent soldering flux for metallurgical heat treating processes. However, like many other types of flux for metallurgical procedures, rosin tends to leave a residue on heat treated parts that should be removed to help sustain the performance of the equipment, and help to make it a product that discerning customers can feel confident about purchasing.

If you need a rosin flux remover that addresses the situations above, contact Ecolink. We have specially formulated products that accomplish flux removal in a manner that poses a minimum threat to workers and the environment. If you need help choosing a readymade or custom rosin flux remover that meets your specific needs, call us today at (800) 563-1305, or refer to the contact page on our website. We look forward to supporting your flux removal needs!