Ecolink 3005 – Looking for a Suitable Replacement?

For many years, companies and organizations that have a diverse set of degreasing and general cleaning needs have used 111 TCA or CFC 113. However, these agents were canceled in December 2013 due to their deleterious effect human health, ozone depletion, and harm to the environment at large. Today, using the chemicals in large quantities will draw a fine from the EPA, and could result in the shutdown of a facility until it’s ready to implement a safer cleaner.

This means that companies that still use the chemical are doing a dangerous dance with the EPA. As mentioned above, if the EPA determines that the solution is still being used, significant fines, and even the shutdown of the facility, could occur until the problem is resolved by implementing a replacement solution. For many companies, FluoSolv is an ideal replacement.

Finding a Replacement Solution – Shop FluoSolv Here
Finding a replacement solution for Ecolink 3005 has drawn many companies to identify a 111 TCA or CFC 113 replacement solution that offers a safer profile while delivering the same, efficacious cleaning power of the phased out chemicals. With this is mind, below are traits that an effective replacement for Ecolink 3005, such as FluoSolv, must consistently exhibit.

  • Ability to remove oil-based waste products from mechanical assemblies
  • Remove hand oils from disassembled electronics before reassembling them
  • Grease removal from automated mechanical assembly lines
  • Remove contaminants from transmitters, amplifiers and transceivers
  • Remove soils from optical interfaces, electronic interfaces, and drive circuitry
  • Remove airborne dirt from printed circuit boards

These tasks are just a few of the jobs that 111 TCA or CFC 113 and its replacements perform. Unfortunately, many companies and organizations have used the solutions long enough that they lack knowledge about replacement solutions that deliver the same level of cleaning power. If your are in this position, don’t buy just any kind of replacement cleaning solution. Instead, talk to us about using FluoSolv to replace Ecolink 3005 to better meet your cleaning needs.

Why Choose Ecolink?
When the EPA and local municipalities ban toxic cleaners that damage human health and the environment, the regulations often put companies that have use the solutions for large cleaning operations in a difficult position, as they must cancel 111 TCA or CFC 113, and replace it with a solution that is just as efficacious but better for human health and the environment at large.

Even so, finding a replacement solution that delivers the same efficacy of 111 TCA or CFC 113 and is applicable for the same cleaning procedures can be hard. This is why companies turn to Ecolink for assistance with finding a replacement solution for these chemicals. We offer a dynamic replacement for this cleaner, FluoSolv, and we can also create custom solutions that meet your unique set of cleaning needs. All you need to do is consult with our solvent experts.

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From large, industrial settings that use multiple cleaners to small businesses that only use a few cleaners, Ecolink knows how critical cleaning solutions can be. We have the experience and expertise to provide the solution you need, and deliver it quickly, so you can be in compliance.

For more information about Ecolink 3005 and the prospect of replacing it with FluoSolv, call us today at (800) 563-1305, or refer to the contact page on our website. We look forward to providing you with an eco friendly, efficacious replacement for Ecolink 3005 cleaning solution!