Does Acetone Dissolve Resin?

If you are looking for a chemical solvent for resin removal you may have heard about acetone and are wondering, does acetone dissolve resin effectively? Acetone is a potent chemical solvent that is commonly used to clean and degrease, as well as to strip lacquers, waxes, resins, and paints. For this reason, acetone is often used in industrial manufacturing, including 3D printing and additive manufacturing. Acetone can be used to remove leftover resin from the nozzle of 3D printing devices to prevent clogging and build up that could cause the equipment to function improperly. Acetone is a potent chemical solvent that can strip and dissolve cured or uncured resins with ease making cleanup and maintenance of 3D printing equipment easy. So if you want to know if acetone dissolves resin, the answer is yes, and it can be used to effectively maintain your equipment. 

Why is acetone a good solvent for dissolving resin? 

  • Potent – Acetone is a strong cleaning agent that easily cuts through grease, paint, lacquers, waxes, resins, and other substances that could clog or gum up machinery. Cleaning with acetone makes tedious aftercare fast and easy to manage, as the solvent will do the heavy lifting when breaking down these substances.
  • Fast Evaporating – Acetone has a high evaporation rate, making it safe to use on intricate pieces, like 3D printing nozzles, as it will quickly evaporate from tight spaces without causing pooling or damage from prolonged exposure.
  • Lower toxicity – Acetone is highly effective, but is less toxic than other stripping chemicals like MEK. This makes using acetone safer for the user when compared to acetone alternatives.

Shopping for Resin Dissolving Solvents?

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Which Is Stronger, MEK or Acetone?

There are many different chemical cleaning and degreasing agents, including MEK and acetone, that can be used for industrial machinery or 3D printer nozzles, but which is stronger, MEK or acetone? While it is generally understood that MEK is a stronger chemical, both acetone and MEK are potent degreasing agents, but depending on your specific needs one solvent may be better suited for your use than the other. When deciding between purchasing MEK or acetone for your business it is important to understand the characteristics of both chemical solvents and what uses they are best suited for.

 MEK vs Acetone

  • MEK – This solvent is typically considered to be a stronger cleaning agent than acetone as it has a lower evaporation rate than acetone and a higher boiling point. MEK is a clear, flammable liquid that is water soluble and is often used as an industrial cleaner and stripping agent to remove bothe cured and uncured resins. MEK is also used in the production of glues, inks, and paints. MEK does require safety gear when handling to prevent irritation to eyes, throat, and skin.
  • Acetone – While acetone may not be quiet as strong as MEK it is overall less toxic and presents fewer safety concerns than MEK. Much like MEK acetone is also used to clean and industrial machinery and strip resins and and finishes. Much like MEK, acetone is also a colorless, water soluble liquid. Since acetone can be used in many of the same applications as MEK and it is generally less toxic, many industries choose to use acetone in place of MEK.

Shopping for the Best Solvents?

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acetone-good-solvent-for industrial-degreasing

Is Acetone A Good Solvent For Industrial Degreasing?

Acetone is an affordable and versatile chemical solvent that is used in many different industries, but is acetone a good solvent for industrial cleaning purposes? The answer is a resounding yes! Acetone, in addition to being a more affordable option than other chemical degreasers used for industrial cleaning, offers several other benefits including safety, ease of use, and bulk availability. If your business is in need of a high quality, cleaning and degreasing agent that is safe to use on industrial machinery, you should strongly consider implementing the use of acetone. 

Benefits of Using Acetone 

  • Safety – Acetone is significantly less toxic than other organic compounds and is generally safe to use, requiring minimal safety gear for use.
  • Bulk Inventory – Acetone is already more affordable than other chemical solvents, but the fact that acetone is readily available in bulk from suppliers like Ecolink, helps to further reduce overall cost.  
  • Versatility – In addition to being a great cleaning and degreasing agent, Acetone can also be used as an additive ingredient in several common products including cosmetics, gasoline, pharmaceuticals, plastics, and more. If your business produces products like these that require acetone for production, finding a bulk supplier is absolutely necessary.

Where to Buy Acetone?

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Is Acetone a Good Solvent?

Acetone is a versatile solvent that is used as an additive ingredient for many consumer goods. If you are in the market for solvents you may be wondering, “is acetone a good solvent?’ Acetone is considered to be a great solvent for many reasons. It is versatile, compatible with both polar and nonpolar elements, low VOC, and affordable. For these reasons acetone is the go-to solvent across many industries. However, when purchasing acetone for your business you want to find a good supplier who is affordable, reliable, and provides a great product and service. When you choose to work with Ecolink, you get all of this and more.

Ecolink provides the highest purity chemicals and solvents, including acetone, in bulk quantities at a competitive price. Ecolink is also an environmentally friendly business that works to provide chemicals and solvents in a more environmentally friendly manner than other chemical suppliers, as well as green cleaning agents and solvents. In addition to all of this, Ecolink has an incredible customer care team that will work with you to find the best product for your needs and answer any questions you may have.

Best Uses of Acetone as A Solvent:

? Gasoline – Acetone works great as an additive in gasoline for vehicles. Adding acetone to gasoline thins the fuel allowing it to move more easily through the engine.
? Plastics – Acetone is commonly used as a solvent in the production of plastics, also working as a thinning agent.
? Pharmaceuticals – Perhaps one of the most common uses of acetone as a solvent is in the production of pharmaceuticals. Acetone works great for belding fillers and evenly distributing active ingredients.

So, is acetone a good solvent? The answer is yes, it is one of the best! If you would like to learn more about acetone or purchasing acetone in bulk reach shop here or call us today! 800-563-1305

Mek vs Acetone: Which is The Right Solvent for You?

MEK, short for methyl ethyl ketone, and acetone are both potent chemical solvents that can be used for cleaning, but it is important to understand their difference when comparing MEK vs acetone, to decide which solvent best suits your needs. While both of these compounds are low toxicity solvents, and can be used for practices such as, industrial cleaning, degreasing, or stripping of resins, there are key differences you should be aware of when purchasing an industrial solvent for your business. Many manufacturing and industrial businesses rely on bulk supplies of solvents like these to clean and degrease their equipment, to keep their systems in high functioning operational order. Before deciding which solvent you want to use, familiarize yourself with these MEK vs Acetone facts.

Comparing MEK vs Acetone

? Toxicity – Both MEK and Acetone are low VOC solvents meaning that they have low toxicity levels and are generally safe when used and stored correctly. However, MEK is overall less volatile than acetone.
? Evaporation Rate – Acetone has a very high evaporation rate making it a great cleaner for electronics as any moisture evaporates at a rapid pace. Due to acetone’s fast evaporation rate, it is also more flammable. MEK on the other hand has a slower evaporation rate and higher boiling point than acetone, making it a more potent, stronger cleaning agent.
? Water Soluble – Both MEK and Acetone are water soluble, however due to MEK’s slower evaporation rate it is able to maintain a constant boil when mixed with water.

While Acetone and MEK are used for some overlapping purposes, due to their differences there are some applications where one is better than the other. Acetone makes a great paint thinner and cleaner for electronics as it evaporates quickly, and is a better solvent as it can dissolve more substances. On the other hand, MEK is a more potent cleaner and is great in inks and dry erase markers as it evaporates slower.

Looking for MEK or Acetone?

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