MEK vs Acetone

Mek vs Acetone: Which is The Right Solvent for You?

MEK, short for methyl ethyl ketone, and acetone are both potent chemical solvents that can be used for cleaning, but it is important to understand their difference when comparing MEK vs acetone, to decide which solvent best suits your needs. While both of these compounds are low toxicity solvents, and can be used for practices such as, industrial cleaning, degreasing, or stripping of resins, there are key differences you should be aware of when purchasing an industrial solvent for your business. Many manufacturing and industrial businesses rely on bulk supplies of solvents like these to clean and degrease their equipment, to keep their systems in high functioning operational order. Before deciding which solvent you want to use, familiarize yourself with these MEK vs Acetone facts.

Comparing MEK vs Acetone

● Toxicity – Both MEK and Acetone are low VOC solvents meaning that they have low toxicity levels and are generally safe when used and stored correctly. However, MEK is overall less volatile than acetone.
● Evaporation Rate – Acetone has a very high evaporation rate making it a great cleaner for electronics as any moisture evaporates at a rapid pace. Due to acetone’s fast evaporation rate, it is also more flammable. MEK on the other hand has a slower evaporation rate and higher boiling point than acetone, making it a more potent, stronger cleaning agent.
● Water Soluble – Both MEK and Acetone are water soluble, however due to MEK’s slower evaporation rate it is able to maintain a constant boil when mixed with water.

While Acetone and MEK are used for some overlapping purposes, due to their differences there are some applications where one is better than the other. Acetone makes a great paint thinner and cleaner for electronics as it evaporates quickly, and is a better solvent as it can dissolve more substances. On the other hand, MEK is a more potent cleaner and is great in inks and dry erase markers as it evaporates slower.

Looking for MEK or Acetone?

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What Are The Best Uses of Acetone in Bulk Quantities?

Acetone is a versatile chemical compound and some of the best uses of acetone are in everyday products. Acetone is an organic compound that has a high evaporation rate and is safe to use and handle due to it’s low toxicity rate. From everyday cosmetic products, to high production industrial facilities, acetone can be found being used as a safe, cost effective solvent, additive, or cleaning agent.

If you business regularly uses acetone as an additive ingredient or as a cleaning agent, you should consider purchasing acetone in bulk to help save money. Ecolink is an environmentally conscious supplier of bulk chemicals like acetone, who can help to find the right chemical and quantity for your needs.

Best Uses of Acetone Across Industries: 

  • Pharmaceutical – Acetone is regularly used as a solvent in pharmaceutical products, like prescription medication, to deliver accurate dosage of active ingredients.
  • Industrial – Many industrial factory and manufacturing plants will use acetone and a cleaner and degreaser. Due to acetone’s high evaporation rate and degumming ability, it is the perfect cleaner for industrial machinery to prevent build up after uses.
  • Medical – Acetone can also be used to clean and sanitize medical tools and equipment in hospitals or doctors offices.
  • Cosmetic – Acetone is the main ingredient in nail polish remover that can be purchased in drug store and found at salons. It is also an additive ingredient in other cosmetic products like face creams and body lotions.
  • Environmental – Due to the low toxicity levels of acetone, it is safe to use to clean up after disastrous oil spills. Acetone is often used to clean oil from the skin or fur of affected wildlife.

Looking for Acetone in Bulk?

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What Is The Best Way to Store Acetone?

Acetone is a very versatile chemical often used as a solvent or cleaning agent, but if you keep a bulk supply of this chemical compound in your place of business, you will want to know the best way to store acetone. Before storing bulk quantities of acetone, you should be aware of the proper containers and regulations surrounding the storage of flammable chemicals. Acetone is a class 1B flammable liquid, and no more than 60 gallons of acetone can be stored inside any one building. If you are storing more than 120 gallons of acetone, it must be kept in approved flammable liquid storage safety buildings. Since acetone is highly flammable, bulk quantities should be stored in customized fireproof, flammable liquid containers or lockers that can be built to be either 2 hour or 4 hour fire rated. For safety purposes, acetone should always be handled and stored with caution due to its highly flammable nature.

Who Invest in Bulk Acetone and Proper Storage?

Any business that uses large amounts of acetone can save money by purchasing in bulk, and should learn the proper methods of storage. These are some business that would benefit from bulk acetone supply.

  • Industrial or Manufacturing – Acetone is a great degreaser and cleaner for industrial machinery. It is a more cost effective alternative to other chemical degreasers like butane, and can be purchased in bulk quantities from companies like Ecolink that supply eco friendly chemical supplies from 5 – 55 gallons.
  • Gasoline – Acetone is often used as a thinning agent in gasoline that allows the fuel to easily move through the engine. When using acetone in this capacity bulk supply and storage is a necessity.
  • Pharmaceuticals – Acetone is also used as a solvent in pharmaceuticals to deliver accurate dosage in medication. Producing large amounts of pharmaceuticals requires a large supply of acetone and adequate storage.

Shopping for Acetone?

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Uses for Bulk Acetone and Finding a Reliable Supplier

Acetone is a naturally occurring compound chemical that is used as a solvent or cleaner in many industries such as cosmetics, medicine, and gasoline, which require a bulk acetone supply. Acetone is an organic chemical that is safe to use in personal care products while still being potent enough to remove substances like grease, oil, or paint. If you are in a business that requires the use of acetone, finding a reliable and cost effective supplier, to provide pure, high quality, bulk acetone, is very important.

Uses for Bulk Acetone 

Acetone is a versatile chemical that can be found as an ingredient in many cosmetic products, used as an industrial degreaser, or used to thin paint. These are some of the uses for bulk acetone.

  • Cosmetics – Acetone is the main ingredient in nail polish remover used in salons or sold for consumer use in drug stores.
  • Environmental – Acetone is used to contain oil spills preventing oil from spreading in water. Acetone is also used to clean oil from animals that are affected by oil spills, as it is safe for animals and humans, when used properly.
  • Gasoline – Acetone is an additive used to thin gasoline, allowing gas to move more easily through the engine, increasing fuel efficiency.
  • Medical – Acetone can be used to disinfect medical tools and equipment.
  • Industrial – Acetone works great as a de-greaser and cleaner with a fast evaporation rate making it perfect to de-gum and remove substances from machinery, glass, metal, or electronics.

Acetone is much more cost effective in comparison to similar cleaners and de-greasers used in these industries, and finding a reliable bulk supplier of acetone is key. Ecolink is an environmentally conscious provider of bulk chemical supplies, including acetone. We provide bulk supplies of high purity acetone from 5 gallon pails to 55 gallon drums. To learn more about bulk acetone and find out if it is the right chemical for your needs, contact us today!


What is Acetone Made From?

Whether you are using acetone to do something as simple as remove your nail polish, or something more extreme like using it to clean up the aftermath of an oil spill, there is almost no industry that couldn’t benefit from the use of this versatile solvent. Acetone is an organic, non-toxic product making it safe to use in personal care, cleaning of animals, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. This solvent is multifaceted and can be used in many areas to clean, thin, and degrease, but what is acetone made of?

What is Acetone Made of and What is it Used For?

  • Acetone is a naturally occurring compound also known as propanone. Composed of the elements carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, acetone presents as a clear liquid that is highly flammable and often used as cleaner in industrial settings.
  • Acetone is found in volcanic gases, plants, in byproducts of forest fires, and the breakdown of body fat. Acetone evaporates very quickly, and while it is produced in nature, for commercial use it is produced by manually combining three carbon atoms, six hydrogen atoms, and one oxygen atom to produce the compound element (CH3)2CO, that we call acetone.
  • Because acetone is both organic and non-toxic, when used properly, it is an element many products that people use every day. Acetone is the main ingredient in paint thinner, used as a solvent in various cosmetics and facial treatments, as well as a cleaning agent to remove sticky substances like glue or resin. Acetone is also used as an additive in gasoline that thins the gas allowing it to diffuse more easily through the engine, resulting in higher fuel efficiency.

Looking to Purchase Acetone?

Acetone is a chemical that is used daily by many people. Across all industries acetone is necessary for developing new products, cleaning, degreasing, or even saving marine life from detrimental oil spills. If your business is in need of a solvent like acetone, give us a call 800-563-1305. We specialize in producing eco friendly solvents for commercial use, from 5 gallon pails to 55 gallon drums. Contact us today to learn more about acetone and our line of environmentally conscious products.