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The Benefits of Hexane

What is Hexane? Hexane is derived from crude oils such as petroleum and is typically utilized as an industrial solvent. Hexane is a clear colorless liquid with a petroleum like odor. Benefits of Hexane Low boiling point. Low surface tension. Low flash point. Low solubility. Common Applications Hexane is commonly utilized as an industrial solvent […]

MEK In Food Products

What Is MEK? MEK–also known as Methyl Ethyl Ketone or 2-Butanone–is a solvent similar in structure to acetone. MEK Common Applications MEK is a solvent that is often applied as an industrial cleaner. It is utilized in the manufacturing of plastic, textiles, and paraffin wax. MEK can be found in certain glues, dry-erase markers, and […]

Heptane and Hexane In Gasoline

Heptane and Hexane are both derived from crude oils. This origin means that they are made from petroleum, and that is why Heptane and Hexane are both commonly found in gasoline. Heptane and the Octane Scale Heptane and Hexane are both components of gasoline, but Heptane has its own special role in gasoline. Heptane helps […]