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Biofouling Prevention Treatment

If you’ve ever swam in a natural body of water, you may be familiar with the slimy greenish-brown scum that accumulates on most submerged objects. Water is full of bacteria, viruses, algae, and other microorganisms.   Just like pond scum, the inside of industrial systems containing water is susceptible to organic growth. This undesirable growth, […]

What Is Cooling Tower Chemical Dosing?

Industrial systems utilize the cooling mechanism of water evaporation to remove heat from high-powered mechanical processes. Often, the water used is from a natural source, and not filtered before it is circulated through the cooling tower. Due to this, the water often contains many extra minerals and organic materials.  Cooling tower chemical dosing is used […]

Biocides for Water Cooling

Water is used often as a cheap, plentiful, and effective coolant in industrial settings. However, pumping large quantities through commercial equipment can often lead to the build-up of bacteria, fungi, and other organisms, particularly if the water comes from a natural source.  To keep the system working efficiently and protect the health of the system […]

Examples of Biocide Disinfectant

Bacteria and other small organisms can cause serious issues for the water used in industrial settings. Whether the accumulation of biomass clogs the pipes of a system or makes water hazardous to humans, it is important to control the organisms living in the water you are using.  Depending on the type of organisms you are […]

What Is a Biocide Chemical for a Cooling Tower?

Cooling towers are used industrially to release heat generated during a mechanical process. Often the water used in cooling comes from a natural source and is not highly filtered. This means it can contain natural sediments, minerals, and biological content.   All these additional materials can lead to a build-up of organic material on the membranes […]