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How Ecolink 4005 can help with preventative maintenance 

Solvents are chemicals designed for a multitude of industrial practices, ranging from degreasing to extraction. An example of an industrial process these chemicals can assist with is preventative maintenance of equipment. If you are unsure of what solvent to use or would like an eco-conscious change, Ecolink 4005 Non-Flammable Solvent is the perfect product for […]

The Benefits of Ecolink 4005 for Avionics Assembly Cleaning

Solvents, simply put, are substances capable of dissolving or extracting other substances. However, the range of solvents is diverse and some are better suited for certain industrial applications than others. For example, avionics assembly cleaning, which is a complex and delicate process, requires solvents with specific desirable characteristics.   One solvent that is specifically designed for […]

Ecolink 4005: The Safe Replacement for nPB and TCE 

Solvents, as reliable and popular as they are, are not all as safe as one would expect. Unfortunately, those that are most commonly utilized by industries are generally toxic. However, here at Ecolink, we are dedicated to supplying eco-friendly alternatives that are safer for both you and the environment. One such product that is formulated […]

5 Uses For Ecolink 4005 Non-Flammable Solvent 

Solvents are defined as substances capable of dissolving multiple phases of matter. These substances are not only diverse in composition but also in their abilities. One solvent that can be used for a multitude of your industrial needs is Ecolink’s 4005 Non-Flammable Solvent. Five uses for our eco-friendly solvent include but are not limited to:  […]

Ethyl Acetate vs. Hexane: Polarity Comparison     

Polarity can be a bit of a tricky subject in chemistry. Not only are a majority of the major concepts somewhat unintuitive until you have a decent understanding of chemistry as a whole. There are also a lot of nuances and exceptions that can be difficult to keep track of. However, if you want to […]