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What Are Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Benefits?

Food grade hydrogen peroxide serves many purposes across many industries including medical treatments, personal hygiene, and even food production, so you may be curious about food grade hydrogen peroxide benefits. Some key food grade hydrogen peroxide benefits include disinfecting, whitening, sterilizing, and the extension of shelf life for certain food products. Food grade hydrogen peroxide […]

Is Technical Grade Alcohol Safe?

When researching isopropyl alcohol, you will find there are three main grades of alcohol purity with technical alcohol being the lowest purity grade, so you are probably wondering, is technical grade alcohol safe? The answer is yes, depending on what you are looking to use it for. While technical grade alcohol does contain some impurities, […]

Are There Different Grades of Acetone?

If you are in the market for acetone for personal or industrial use, and everything in between, you are probably wondering, are there different grades of acetone? Acetone, like most other chemicals and solvents, has many different purity grades, all of which are designated for different uses. Acetone can contain varying levels of organic impurities, […]

The Different Chemical Grades and What They Mean

If you are researching various chemicals and chemical grades, the different purity and grade names may seem overwhelming, and you may be wondering what are the different grades of chemicals and what do they mean? Simply put, the grade name assigned to each chemical is based on the level of purity of the chemical. The […]

What Does Technical Grade Alcohol Mean?

If you are looking to use alcohol for industrial cleaning or solvent purposes, you may be wondering what does technical grade alcohol mean? When a supplier refers to alcohol as being “technical grade alcohol”,  they simply mean it is not food grade. This grade of alcohol is not to be used for food, drug, or […]