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Propylene Glycol Versus Ethlyene Glycol

Glycol an organic compound belongs to the alcohol family. One of the simplest members of the class is Ethylene Glycol which is one of the organic compounds being talked about in this blog, along with Propylene Glycol which is another member of this class that isn’t as simple as Ethylene Glycol. What is Propylene Glycol? […]

Mineral Spirits Versus Acetone

Two common solvents mineral spirits and acetone are used commonly for many different practices. In this blog, we are going to examine the two different kinds of solvents, their uses, and if they have similarities or differences between each other. What are Mineral Spirits? Mineral spirits are a petroleum replacement for other vegetable-based turpentine. For […]

Ecolink A USA Chemical Supplier

In the current state of the world, it seems that more businesses, companies and individual peoples are looking to purchase from other companies or items that are either located within the United States or made in the USA. It can sometimes be intimidating purchasing out of the country because you may not know what you […]

Video Jet Printers Uses And Applications

What are Video Jet Printers? In the printing world, there are so many emerging technologies ones we’ve used before, and many that are breaking barriers of what we know and can do. Recently, I did some research into VideoJet Printers and learned about who they provide for and what they can do for the printing […]

What is 90 White Oil?

To begin, we should discuss the overall view of white oil in general. When people normally think of oils what do they think about? Fuel oil, motor oil, or oil for their food: olive, avocado etc. The closest one came to when thinking about white oil is food oils.  White oil is a kind of […]