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Finding Greener Chemicals: A Practical Guide

The color green is sometimes associated with unflattering qualities, such as envy or greed. However, thanks to the green movement, it is now often related to the environment- specifically, protecting the environment and making it safer for both humans and wildlife. Organizations that work with industrial chemicals can support this outlook by replacing toxic solvents […]

Practicing Green Chemistry – Eco Friendly Cleaning Solutions

The push for companies to use eco-friendly products has reached manufacturers of industrial cleaning solutions and the businesses that use them, as it has been revealed that many industrial cleaning and degreasing solvents are harmful to both people and to the environment. Carbon footprint-conscious companies, such as Ecolink, are aiding industrial companies practice the art […]

Understanding the History of Green Chemistry

Are you curious about how the branch of chemistry known as green chemistry originated? This blog post will provide insight into the history of green chemistry, allowing you to learn about its inception and follow its progression to the present day.   Green Chemistry: The 1960s-1980s  The initiation of green chemistry can be tracked all the […]

Ayanna’s Internship Experience

When I saw Ecolink posted as an Internship opportunity on LinkedIn I knew I had to apply. While I have several internships under my belt, I was beyond excited to take on one where I could learn about SEO. I did not have any sort of chemistry background but as a risk-taker and a Writing […]

Alyssa’s Internship Experience

When I applied for an internship with Ecolink, it was 1 of the 40 internships I had applied for. By the end of my application process for all those companies, I lost sight of what most of them did, so when I received the offer to join the Ecolink team as an intern, I was […]