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Degreasing Methods: What is Vapor Pressure Cleaning?

Degreasing is one of the most common industrial cleaning operations. From engine parts to handheld tools, practically every company and organization that uses equipment that accumulates grease must perform degreasing to keep the equipment in ideal condition for its application. One way that this can be done is vapor pressure cleaning — a process in […]

Non VOC parts cleaners

On January 1, 2015, government regulations brought down the curtain on what was previously one of the best non VOC parts cleaners on the market: ECOLINK 3005. Companies phased out the parts cleaner because one of its primary active ingredients, HCFC-225 (a.k.a. AK-225) was phased out due to its ozone depleting potential. However, just because […]

Safety Solvent Degreasers: What are Their Essential Characteristics?

All industrial grade degreasers have one thing in common: They excel at cutting through tough accumulations of grease and leaving the material underneath free of greasy residue. However, apart from this basic trait, industrial degreasers differ markedly in several ways, one of the most obvious of which is their safety profile. Sometimes referred to as […]

1 Bromopropane Substitution: Frequently Asked Questions

1 bromopropane (a.k.a. n-propyl bromide and nPB) is a chemical compound that is used as a solvent for broad array of applications, including: asphalt production, dry cleaning, aviation equipment maintenance, synthetic fiber manufacturing, manufacturing products that have foam cushions, electronic circuit board soldering, and degreasing plastics, optics, and certain types of metal. 1 bromopropane is […]