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Parts Cleaning Processes: What is Precision Cleaning?

Precision cleaning is a cleaning process in which parts are thoroughly cleaned until all soils are removed, with an emphasis on removing soils with a great degree of accuracy in relation to the design of the parts that are cleaned. Precision cleaning is typically performed on parts called “precision parts” due to the infinitesimal degree […]

What is an Electrical Contact Cleaner?

Inside of nearly every piece of electrical equipment are metal electrical contacts that facilitate the transmission of electricity from the utility line to the electrical operating system of the equipment. If the contacts were removed, the equipment would immediately cease to operate. Improperly maintained electrical contacts can sabotage to operation of electrical equipment, too. The […]

Is Reducing Aerosol Can Disposal on your Earth Day Resolution List?

For heavy industrial aerosol users (over 5,000 cans per year) one of the growing concerns is disposing of spray cans commonly used for degreasing, contact cleaning and flux removal. Aerosol cans are not considered to be hazardous waste when both the product and the propellant are emptied (punctured) out of the cans. However, the non-empty […]

Choosing a Switch and Contact Cleaner: Essential Characteristic

A switch and contact cleaner is a cleaning agent that is specially formulated to clean electrical switches and contacts in various types of equipment, from small circuit boards in woodworking machines to industrial grade switchgear systems that occupy large rooms in the facilities they serve. However, there are at least six important characteristics that a […]