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Are There Special Pressure Washing Chemicals? 

A common inquiry we receive often is, are there special pressure washing chemicals? Across the wide cleaning market, there are a great many offerings that are available to choose from when considering what type of pressure washing chemical is better suited to your particular applications. There are chemical solutions that might be better suited to […]

Sodium Hypochlorite Pressure Washing 

How can sodium hypochlorite pressure washing help you with your cleaning projects? Sodium hypochlorite (the chemical name for bleach) is a well-known product made and used especially for its superior ability to cut through some of the toughest and hard-to-remove impurities that make surfaces unclean. Pressure washing is a method that uses an electric pump […]

Sodium Hypochlorite House Wash Mix 

Why use sodium hypochlorite house wash mix? Sodium hypochlorite (the chemical name for bleach) is an additive used in varying cleaning products including house wash mix. House wash mix often refers to the choice of product used in general cleaning of building surfaces found commonly in residential dwellings. Building surfaces like roofs, walls, windows,  skylights, […]

Sodium Hypochlorite For Soft Washing 

Why is sodium hypochlorite for soft washing recommended? Sodium hypochlorite, (the chemical name for bleach) is commonly used as a disinfectant because it is relatively simple to manufacture and provides superior cleaning abilities. When used in conjunction with specially designed surfactants and water, the solution provides an excellent soft wash cleaning agent. Sodium hypochlorite will […]

Best Soft Wash Chemicals 

What are the best soft wash chemicals? Considering that generally, soft wash chemicals are known to only contain 3 primary ingredients, there are only minor variations in the differences between various offerings from manufacturers and suppliers. Soft wash chemicals are created using sodium hypochlorite (the chemical commonly known as bleach), water, and surfactants (chemicals used […]