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Chemical Shop Near Me

Many industries need regular supply of necessary chemicals, and you may find yourself searching for a “chemical shop near me”. However, did you know that ordering chemicals online is incredibly easy and user friendly? This means that there is always a chemical shop near you that can answer your questions and fulfil your orders, all […]

Buying Bulk Chemicals Online

Buying bulk chemicals online is easy when you have a reliable, knowledgeable supplier with a user friendly online store. When buying chemicals you need to be sure you are finding the right, high quality chemicals for your needs to keep your staff and facility safe. The best way to ensure you are receiving exactly what […]

Difference Between Heptane and Hexane

It is important to understand the difference between heptane and hexane when deciding which chemical is best for your needs. The scientific difference between heptane and hexane lies in the composition of the two chemicals. Heptane and hexane are both alkanes, and the difference is that hexane has 7 carbon atoms while hexane has 6. […]

Industrial Chemical Suppliers USA

Are you looking for reliable industrial chemical suppliers USA based? You will want to be sure to find chemical suppliers that are not only reliable, but will also provide you with high quality chemicals and expert knowledge for an affordable price. Chemicals and solvents are necessary for a wide variety of industries to create and […]

Difference Between Heptane and N-Heptane 

What is the difference between heptane and N-heptane? There are many different types of heptanes, which are mixtures that contain 25% or less of n-heptane. N-heptane is the pure form of heptane, that is often used as an industrial degreaser as well as in the petroleum industry. N-heptane is a very potent chemical when compared […]