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Denatured Ethanol For Extraction

Is it safe to use denatured ethanol for extraction? Denatured ethanol is a form of ethanol that is diluted with other solvents such as acetone or IPA. Denatured ethanol can be used in extraction processes and is often utilized by any extractors looking to avoid the higher costs associated with using pure ethanol. As long […]

Denatured Alcohol VS Ethanol

What is the difference between Denatured Alcohol VS Ethanol for oil extraction? Both denatured alcohol and ethanol are commonly used chemical solvents, however, while ethanol is a great option for oil extraction, denatured alcohol should not be used for oil extraction. Denatured alcohol serves many purposes including as an industrial cleaning agent, a fuel additive, […]

Industrial Paint Stripper

What is an industrial paint stripper? Paint stripping agents are used in woodworking, home improvement, construction, and other industrial settings to chemically break the bond paint forms with the surface it is applied to. This then allows paint to be easily removed. There are several different chemicals, solvents, and solutions that can be used to strip […]

Ethanol For Plant Extraction

Can you use ethanol for plant extraction? The answer is yes! Ethanol is a great option for extracting oil from plants. Ethanol for plant extraction is common in a variety of different oil extraction processes including CBD oil, CBDA, olive oil, seed oils, and more. There are a few reasons why ethanol for plant extraction […]

Edible Oil Extraction Methods

What are the best edible oil extraction methods? There are several ways to extract oils from organic material to produce cooking oils, and other oil products for consumption and topical use. One of the most efficient edible oil extraction methods is solvent extraction. In this extraction process the plant or fat that you are extracting […]