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Sanitizing Food Preparation Surfaces with Sanitizers

Prepping Surfaces for Food Preparation With the constant news stories of food-borne illness rising each and every year, there is a need for more effective cleaning and sanitation procedures and materials in the food manufacturing industry. To ensure the lowest possible chance of illness resulting from unclean surfaces, detergent-based cleaners are not potent enough to […]

A Worker’s Guide for Solvents in the Workplace

Overview No matter where you or many other Americans work, you are probably being exposed to solvents. Solvents are used in various capacities, like in industrial, commercial, and non-residential setting, and when they become obsolete or unable to be used for their intended purpose, they will most likely become hazardous. It is up to you […]

Scoring Leaderboard for Anaheim or Bust!

Hello All and Welcome to the leaderboard page! Here you can track the weekly progress of the contest flex goal, your schools score as well as view the weekly winners. Social Media Counters Towards Flex Goal Week 5 (11/7) 235 2,198 274 51 Week 4 (10/31) 233 2,210 272 44 Week 3 (10/24) 217 2,166 […]

Woodstock High School – Representing Acetone! Go Wolverines!

Welcome to Woodstock High School’s promotional page! #AnaheimorBust-Woodstock Woodstock High School is located in Cherokee County and currently boasts a DECA chapter membership of 76 students and counting this year. They are represented by Ecolink Ambassador Brandon Kang who will be cheering them on during the course of our competition, “Anaheim or Bust!”. This school […]

Ensuring Injection Mold Output with FluoSolv

With today’s business culture of cost-effective and eco-friendly packaging, there are many companies that solely focus on the creation of eye-catching packaging designs for various products. For example, a new cookie dough mix is developed and the production company contracts a packaging firm to develop packaging that will be easy to open and attractive. For […]