Alyssa’s Internship Experience

When I applied for an internship with Ecolink, it was 1 of the 40 internships I had applied for. By the end of my application process for all those companies, I lost sight of what most of them did, so when I received the offer to join the Ecolink team as an intern, I was not sure what the job entailed. Working as an intern for Ecolink turned out to be much more interesting and valuable than I expected.

Once I researched what the company did, I remembered why I had applied. As a chemical engineering major, I knew I could bring in my knowledge of chemicals and their properties and technical writing background through past internship experience to be a great addition to the team. I was also interested in learning more about how Ecolink worked and how they promoted their chemicals to their customers.

Ecolink taught me about several topics that not only helped me provide great work but are also a useful tool to carry with me as I journey through my career. Some of those topics include:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Writing blogs using keywords while providing useful information for customers
  • Writing Product Pages
  • Creating Product Guides

The project that impacted me the most was the product guides. The product guides provided a different challenge than writing blogs. I had the opportunity to go through all the chemicals available through,, and and make a guide for the customers to view all the chemicals at once to determine which chemicals can complete the tasks that needed to be done. After many hours of work, the final document was extremely satisfying because it included all the information to help customers and also looked aesthetically pleasing.

Overall, the entire experience I had working with Ecolink was incredible. The supervisors were readily available to answer questions and willing to help with any issues that came about. I wish the group of interns were able to interact a little more than we did but with many of us being college students, our schedules did not allow for much free time to socialize. I am thankful to have learned many skills from working with a team like this one and I can’t wait to see what Ecolink and all the upcoming interns produce in the future!