precision cleaningFluoSolv Applications or call 800 409-3142 for more information and Military

  • Aerosol cleaning of avionics and contact cleaning sensitive electronics, printed wiring boards (PWB)
  • Aircraft hangar degreasing, defluxing, and contact cleaning
  • Honeycomb Cleaning
  • Landing Gear Cleaning
  • Optical sensor and night-vision goggle cleaning
  • Tracked and untracked vehicle maintenance in vapor degreasing
  • Weapon systems maintenance



  • Contact cleaners to remove oxidaelectronics cleaningtion, oil, and other contaminants off of contacts, metal switches, motors, relays, generators, edge connectors, buss bars, circuit breakers, scales and sensors
  • Defluxers, contact cleaners and surface cleaners for removal of conformal coatings, ionic contamination, finger prints, lead-free fluxes, marking inks, No clean fluxes, Rosin (RMA) fluxes and uncured solder paste from electronic assemblies including BGA chips, MCM devices and PCB’s & PWB’s
  • Electrical cleaning, assembly, repair and testing
  • Electronics production cleaning: chip bonder removers, label & adhesive removers, and stencil cleaners


Fiber Optics Cleaning

  • Fiber optic connector cleaning tofiber optics cleaning minimize contamination allowing for increased transmission speeds without data loss



  • Bearing cleaning to remove burnindustrial cleaningt or stressed production lubricants, dirt, machining oils, stamping fluids and drawing oils
  • Carrier fluids for hydrocarbons, fluorinated fluids and silicones including Fomblin® and Krytox® lubricants to replace HCFC-225, AK-225
  • Particulate removal including dust, finger prints and lubricants prior to processing or assembly
  • Precision cleaning of molded resins (components for copiers, cellular phones, camera parts)
  • Verification, testing fluids



  • Dental Tool Cleaningmedical cleaning
  • Implantable Device Cleaning
  • Medical devices and surgical tools & instrumentation in ultrasonic, spray and vapor cleaning
  • Printed circuit board (PCB) defluxing, adhesive and ink removal, high-purity degreasing glass, metal and plastic parts
metal finishingMetal Finishing

  • Metal stamping and forming processes removal of lubricants
  • NDT Non-Destructive Testing
  • Pre-Treatment of Critical Plating Parts and Post-Plating Masking Materials
  • Surface preparation to remove finger prints, greases, machining oils, marking inks, metal fines and waxes prior to painting, coating and welding


Oil & Gas

  • Compressed gas system cleaningoil and gas
  • Nitrogen system cleaning
  • IR testing, solvent extraction, oil-water extraction for separation of hydrocarbons from aqueous samples



  • Crystal Cleaningoptic cleaning
  • Dewatering of optical components
  • Mirror Cleaning
  • Removal of dust, finger prints, lapping & polishing compounds, pitch, wax and moisture displacement from lasers, lenses, optics, photonics and reflector glasses


Semiconductor/SMT/Wave Maintenance

  • Carrier solvent for hard disk lubricflux removalants
  • Cleaning and cut through baked-on flux and leave no ionic residues that can migrate to PCBs and lead to board failures
  • Maintaining critical electronic assembly equipment, i.e. reflow ovens, wave soldering systems and selective soldering units
  • Media head cleaner for removal of contaminants and oxide buildup on magnetic tape systems, memory systems and read/write heads resulting in reduced head wear and extended head life
  • Sub-micron level of cleaning of platters and heads for disk drives
  • Surface Mount Technology (SMT) manufacturing process including stencil printer, pick & place process, reflow oven, inspection and rework & repair cleaning


Transportation/Transit Maintenance

  • Buses, trains, and trolley maintentransportationance of sensitive electrical connectors
  • Control panels, signal devices and anything else that gets covered with grease and dirt
  • Heavy grease removal and brake system cleaning or call 800 409-3142 for more information