“The irreversibility of time is the mechanism that brings order out of chaos.” Ilya Prigogine, 1977 Nobel Prize Winner for Chemistry

custom solutions Two heads are better than one particularly when one of the two heads is yours! Since our inception in late 1980’s we have partnered with our customers for every single Ecolink® developed and branded solution.

Beginning with our early work of replacing class I ozone depleting solvents including Trichloroethane (TCA, 1,1,1) for power turbine engines with then Westinghouse® now Siemens® and GE Energy® we have expanded across hundreds of industries, SIC, NAICS codes, federal and state government agencies and municipal transit authorities.

Leveraging thousands of successful (and not so successful) breakthroughs, our custom solutions encompass every aspect of an industrial chemical: chemical composition, packaging, labeling, MSDS, delivery tracking, kitting/assembly, how-to-use instructions, application method, and disposal vs. recycling. With each element we look to reduce or eliminate time, costs and waste associated. Got a quick question? Ask our Chemist

Asking: What happens next? Where does it go (air/water/landfill)? How long does it last? ensures we do not sacrifice any of your internal success criteria [performance/productivity, cost-effectiveness/financial or safety & health/RISK] while adhering to your external success criteria [federal/state/local regulatory compliance or third party engineering specifications, military or commercial OEM].

Many of the specialty formulated industrial chemicals (aqueous, solvent and aerosols) were originally developed between 1970’s and 1990’s so lots more blends are readily available. Any of the previously patented formulations have long expired creating additional ways to reduce time, costs and risk and/or extend chemical longevity. customsolutions@ecolink.com or call 800 886-8240

Our goal for you: To increase capacity with more cleaned/treated parts per gallon per hour or shift

Will you consider shedding old ways of thinking [and cleaning] and reexamine old assumptions? We never start by analyzing your problematic chemical; we start with your users and listen, listen, listen. Our user-based design emphasizes purpose maximization that often requires stubbornness and foolishness in the face of accepted reason in order to achieve highest yield.


Lowest minimums in industry!!!

110 gallons or 2 x 55-gallon drums per year for custom aqueous bulk chemicals

custom aqueousCustom aqueous information



110 gallons or 2 x 55-gallon drums per year for custom solvent-based bulk chemical

custom solvent       Custom solvent information


720 cans or 60 cases per year for custom aerosol

custom aerosolCustom aerosol information

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