Non-Acid Drain Opener

Product Data Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet

This product is a highly concentrated alkali drain opener that digests organic matter such as grease and hair quickly without the use of dangerous and corrosive acids. This product is heavier than traditional alkali drain openers enabling it to penetrate blockagefaster. This product absorbs one third more grease and fats than traditional drainopeners and is safe for all plumbing. Follow directions for effective drain relief.


  • Quick Acting
  • No Harsh Acids
  • Safe For Plumbing
  • Safe On Porcelain
  • Highly Concentrated
  • Extremely Effective On Hair, Grease & Other Organic Matter

Use And Directions
Use in all facilities to keep drains, urinals and toilets clean and free flowing.

Pour 4 to 6 oz. or more down drain lines at regular intervals to keep lines clear of hair, grease and other organic matter. If lines are clogged, add directly to line to eliminate blockage.

Key Physical Characteristics

Physical Property Typical Value
Physical Form Heavy Liquid
Color Water Clear
Fragrance Odorless
Water Solubility Complete
Specific Gravity 1.50
pH 14
Alkalinity 45-50%
Flash Point (TCC) None