This product is a colorless, organic solvent with a distinct mild smell and taste that is used in the manufacture of certain plastics and other industrial products such as pharmaceuticals, lacquers, and paper preparation. Acetone is known as the strongest and fastest evaporating product. Acetone is used extensively in the manufacture of artificial fibers and explosives. Acetone can also be used as a degreasing agent for industrial purposes and for thinning polyester resin, cleaning tools used with it, and dissolving many fats and resins easily.


  • Colorless
  • Capable of dissolving many fats and resins easily
  • Excellent heavy duty degreasing agent for industrial purposes
  • Mild odor


Acetone can be used and applied in the following industries:

  • Production of certain plastics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Lacquer application tools
  • Paper Preparation
  • Cleaning epoxy application tools
  • Cleaning oil-based paint
  • Varnish or polyurethane application tools
  • Painting tools with dried coatings
  • New wood before finishing
  • Fiberglass
  • Degreaser for bare metal and painted metal parts

Typical and Physical Characteristics

Typical physical properties are listed in the table below. Actual properties may vary from lot to lot.

Typical Properties Typical Method Typical Value
 Physical State Liquid
Appearance Visual Clear, Free
Odor Mild
Purity (wt%) GC 99.5%
Specific Gravity @ 20/20C ASTM D1298/D4052  Min = 0.7910, Max = 0.7930
Water (wt%) ASTM D1364 Max = 0.5%
Acidity as Acetic Acid (wt%) ASTM D1613 Max = 0.002%
Alkalinity as NH3 (wt%) ASTM D1614 Max = 0.001%
Color (Pt-Co) ASTM D1209 Max = 5
Distillation Range (degrees C) ASTM D1078 Min = 1C including 56., Max = 1C
Permangante Stability (mins@25C) ASTM D1363 Min = 120
Residue on Evaporation (mg/100ml) ASTM D1353 2
Benzene GC Max = 10
Miscibility with DIW ASTM D1722 No Opalescence